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Caldwell's Special Tuesday Auburn Mailbag Colum

Talking about a variety of Auburn sports in this special Tuesday edition of the Auburn Mailbag.

Aubtime: I still think JJ can be a good QB and think he is the best chance to win against Clemson. I know JF3 will and should get a large package (2 or 3 series and see how it goes). What is your thoughts? Will Fagan get her quickness back to be the SS that she was? You can tell she is not 100% but she will make a difference in the WCWS I think?

I think a confident Jeremy Johnson would be a threat to beat just about anyone, but I don’t know that you can count on finding that guy. I still think Sean White with John Franklin mixed in is the plan for the Tigers. As for Fagan, I’m not sure if she’ll be able to get all the way back or not. We will just have to see how she looks in the fall and how her knee progresses going into the regular season in February.


Mgmzebra: How do you see the RB situation developing without Roc? Can you comment on the relationship between the zebras and the coaches?

I don’t think the running back situation is impacted much at all without Roc unless they have some injuries there. I think he was going to be more of a slot wide receiver than running back anyway. Not sure what you’re asking about relationships with zebras and coaches. Sorry.


ATLtiger07: Is there a game on the schedule that you think is a pivotal game for the season? I have one in mind, wondering what you think.

I think Texas A&M is the key game for the 2016 football season. The Tigers could play well against Clemson and LSU and still not win, but if you’re going to have a good season the Aggies is the key game for me.


Mopedted: Why doesn't Coach Lashlee coordinate from up in the box?

For most of the guys it’s just about comfort level. He’s grown up watching and learning from Gus Malzahn, who feels like he sees the game better from the field.


AUtigeritaville: With all the talk of a Junior day or Junior Combine, what top 3 Auburn players in the past do you think would have gotten the right eval to come back and more than likely had a monster senior year?

I always think back to Robert Johnson first and foremost. I thought he was a guy who would have been really, really good as a senior. Darvin Adams is probably the second guy for me who comes to mind with Sammie Coates probably in the group as well.

Au3020: How are you covering both the WCWS and Big Cat weekend?  I assume both Mark and Jason are in OKC.

Unfortunately with Big Cat Weekend last week and a big camp on Sunday we had to be in Auburn. Johnny Lawrence is in OKC for us providing the coverage, including a lot of great photos.


Jello1: If the consensus of this board is right, and both White and Franklin play will JF3 get a whole series, or will he run in for one play and out the next? In your opinion, does running in a Wildcat QB for one play disrupt the rhythm of a HUNH team? With Roc Thomas leaving, is the health of Jovon Robinson the most important factor of the season for our offense?

I’m not sure how the coaches will distribute the snaps at quarterback, but I think Franklin could be on the field for a play here or there if he isn't the starter. It is still to be determined what the Tigers will do. I don’t think it disrupts the rhythm of an offense at all if the play is successful. There is question in my mind that Jovon Robinson’s health is the single-most important factor for Auburn next year period.


Wtbtiger: What coaches do you think will be on the field this fall?

I think you will have Gus Malazhn, Rhett Lashlee, Tim Horton and Herb Hand for sure on offense with Kodi Burns likely down there as well. On defense Rodney Garner will be on the field and probably Wesley McGriff as well. I am not sure about where Travis Williams and Kevin Steele will be yet.


AUTD2: What are our chances with Buckhorn LB Will Ignont and is he considered a top tier


I like Auburn’s chances with Will Ignont much more now following his Big Cat visit. He has always liked the Tigers and especially Coach Tim Horton so that bond is a strong one for him. There’s no question he’s a priority recruit for Auburn at the moment at linebacker.


Mgmzebra: When an incident happens like the most recent "stupidfour"; what reactions from the team have you guys seen that you can comment upon?

I haven’t seen anything from the guys that indicates any problems for them. They’re working hard every day and getting after it and all those guys are paying for the mistake they made. Plenty of guys make mistakes that nobody ever knows about and it has no long-term impact on their lives.


Aubtime: Do softball players have to set out a year if they transfer? If not, do coaches contact players or player contact the school? When does this happen if it does (after the season I would think). Is there any LF, 1B or 2B out there.

If softball players don't get a release they have to sit out if you transfer unless you transfer down to a lower division or you’re a graduate student.


Tigerpi: Who might be the next commitment for Coach Pearl?

That’s a tough one because basketball recruiting can happen so early nowadays with guys pulling the trigger as freshmen and sophomores. A guy to watch is Elias Harden from Georgia. He’s been a frequent visitor to Auburn and is a player that continues to get more interest from top programs.


Mgeagles: Was it a surprise that Tim Irvin transfered? He seemed to have a lot of upside as an explosive player.

It was no surprise at all. He was very close to Travaris Robinson and it was really the only connection he had to Auburn when he enrolled last January. Throw in the fact that he wasn’t going to start with Rudy Ford at the nickel and it wasn’t surprising to me at all.


Krandor: Why have we not seen much of Lexi Davis in the postseason? Is she not 100% or have the other picters just stepped it up more?

Great timing for your question. Obviously, Lexi has been eager to go, but for Auburn they were focused on the matchup and Corey Myers liked the way the younger pitchers were throwing the ball late in the season. Lexi pitched great against Oklahoma and if not for one bad pitch, or that walk or a bunt single, she may have thrown a shutout against a terrific hitting team.

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