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Auburn Was A Welcome Presence At Friday's Mecca Camp In Miami

Auburn's coaches took part in a camp in Miami on Friday and area high school coaches said it was great to have the Tigers in town.

Miami, Fla.--While satellite camps have been the subject of much debate over the course of the last few months there was no debating the subject from area coaches and prospects in attendance on Friday morning when the Auburn Tigers took part in the Mecca Camp at Gibson Park.

With Auburn coaches Kevin Steele, Herb Hand, Scott Fountain, Kodi Burns, Wesley McGriff and Travis Williams on hand along with several other staff members, the Tigers definitely made a presence in Miami on Friday. There is no question that was important to everyone that took place on Friday said Booker T. Washington Coach Tim Harris.

Spending the last two seasons coaching at Miami, Harris is back in charge of Booker T. Washington after winning three state titles there previously. For him, having Auburn take the time to send such a large contingent of coaches to the camp was very impressive.

“It was an awesome platform for our student-athletes in South Florida,” Harris said. “Also, having the coaching staff of Auburn University was a tremendous stepping stone for our student-athletes who sometimes can’t afford to be able to travel to Auburn to get coaching and individual work. It was a great, great opportunity for our kids here to be able to learn some techniques and fundamentals and get great instruction.

“ It wasn’t about recruiting, it was all about teaching and developing the student-athlete. That’s one of the great things that happened today. For the coaching staffs in the Miami-Dade area it was great to be able to watch that happen in our community.”

With a camp designed to let kids get some valuable instruction and also continue to show them ways to work and stay out of trouble, Harris said having Auburn part of things shows how much they care about being part of the community.

“That was of great importance,” Harris said. “We really appreciate the staff coming in and really working with the kids. You can’t say it enough as a high school coach, to be able to have college coaches like the Auburn staff from a BCS Conference program to come into this community and really show our kids how their dreams and goals can come true through hard work and dedication.

“Instead of being somewhere and doing something negative they were here being positive, showing their life and dreams and goals are important. We just appreciate Auburn for being a part of that.”

Photo by Jason Caldwell

Auburn Coach Scott Fountain works with tight end Rex Walters, the son of former NBA player Rex Walters.

With several different coaching staffs working the camp along with Auburn it gave the kids a chance to learn and get plenty of reps over the course of the morning. One of the coaches joining in on Friday was former Florida wide receiver and current Carol City Coach Aubrey Hill. Back at his alma mater, Hill said seeing Auburn show so much support for the camp and Miami area was impressive to him.

“Hat’s off to Auburn University and to the football program, Coach Gus Malzahn and the staff that came down,” Hill said. “We know the type of program that Auburn is. We know that it’s in the SEC and what type of football it brings.

“We know it’s in the South, but sometimes there are so many kids here in South Florida, now that you have satellite camps they can get their eyes on more kids they didn’t know before. Also, they can teach a little more to this area that sometimes has some issues in the neighborhood.

“For these guys to come out on Friday morning and really get some good work by some great outstanding coaches, that really shows it’s really working. I brought my kids out and my staff out and I’m very encouraged by what Gus Malzahn has done and what direction it’s going.”

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