Photo by Jason Caldwell

The Next Big Thing: Massive 2019 Offensive Tackle Dante Lucas

Booker T. Washington freshman offensive lineman Dante Lucas is a name to remember in the 2019 class.

Miami, Fla.--Just finishing his ninth grade season at Booker T. Washington and playing on the offensive line for the Tornadoes, massive Dante Lucas is looking for bigger and better things as he heads into his sophomore year.

Already 6-5, 320 pounds, Lucas is a physical player and is just scratching the surface of his ability as an offensive lineman.

Recently he had the opportunity to work with the Auburn Tigers and Coach Herb Hand when almost a dozen coaches and analysts helped with the Mecca Camp in Miami. Enjoying the time on the field and getting to learn from the Tigers, Lucas said it was a worthwhile experience.

“It was great,” Lucas said. “I like that Coach (Hand). He’s a very cool dude and a nice guy.

“Working with him will have me ready for college,” he added. “It made me feel like I have a chance to be the best. It makes me want to grind more and more.”

Photo by Jason Caldwell

Already with an offer from hometown Florida Atlantic, Lucas said having Auburn in town and helping to put on a camp was big for him because it shows him how much the Tigers want to continue to be part of recruiting in Miami.

“It’s great because I’ll have them first on my mind,” Lucas said of the Tigers. “They were the first coaches I did O-Linemen stuff with.”

Saying that he is also interested in West Virginia and Michigan at the moment, Lucas noted that he is excited to build on his freshman season as he hopes to help his team to yet another state championship in 2016.

“It was a great,” Lucas said of his experience last season. “Booker T. High had trust that I could do it. I just went out there and did it. Coach told me every day that I would be the best, and that made me work harder and harder. Once they knew I was ready they just started throwing me out there.”

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