Q&A With New Auburn Running Back Commitment Kameron Martin

Auburn running back commitment Kameron Martin talks with Inside The Auburn Tigers about his decision, playing in the SEC, and much more.

A former Baylor signee who was released from his letter of intent, four-star running back Kameron Martin committed to the Auburn Tigers on Sunday and will start classes on Tuesday. Eligible to play this this season, the 5-10, 178 speedster talks about his decision, his visit, his fit in the offense, playing in the SEC and much more in this one-on-one interview with Inside the Auburn Tigers:

Auburn has kind of always recruited you. How important was that when you had to kind of start over with your recruiting knowing that Auburn had been there the whole time?

Martin: “I feel like all of this is just a blessing from up high. God gave me another opportunity to make the right decision. My thing in picking a university was family. As soon as I got to Auburn out of Atlanta those guys treated me like family. As Coach (Art) Briles was at Baylor, that’s how those guys were. They treated me like I was already a part of the family.”


What players did you get to hang out with while you were on your visit?

Martin: “I hung out with John Franklin and Kyle Davis.”


How important was it to bond with those guys and get a feel for your future teammates. How big of a deal was that to you?

Martin: “It was big. I really didn’t meet everybody because it’s still summer time and people had gone home, but my main thing was that Auburn is family. Coach Gus Malzahn is about business and his resume speaks for itself. He won a national championship at Auburn and that’s what I want to do. I want to be part of a championship program.

“It’s not just Coach Malzahn. Coach (Rhett) Lashlee reached out to me after I got released and he told me they really wanted me and needed me. I have a great chance of coming in there and competing.”


When you started looking at Auburn and saw the need at running back right away, how much did that amp things up for you when you looked at the Tigers?

Martin: “It amped things up real good, but I’m not scared of competition or anything. I want to compete anywhere I go. If I was going to Baylor I was going to compete. You have to compete everywhere. I don’t want it to be easy. It’s the SEC and I know I’m going to have to be on my A game 24/7. Like I told my family, this is what I signed up for.”


Speaking of the SEC, when we spoke to you before (Auburn Original Offer To Martin) you talked about Cam Newton and that’s when you kind of started watching Auburn football. You also talked about watching the Auburn-Alabama rivalry. Now you’re going to have a chance to play in games like that. How are excited are you for that?

Martin: “I’m very excited to play in games like that. I just can’t wait. We play against Clemson the first game of the season and get all of that national attention. I’m going to go there and ball out and do what I have to do, get out in three years.”


What are your plans as far as when you’ll get to Auburn?

Martin: “I’ll be there on Tuesday and we’ll get it started.”


You visited Auburn on Saturday and TCU on Sunday. When did you know it was Auburn?

Martin: “I knew as soon as I got off the airplane in Houston. I prayed on it while I was on the airplane. I went through my pictures and did my pros and cons on everything. Auburn was the one.”


The speed element was a big part of Baylor’s offense and it’s a part of Auburn’s offense, but it’s one the Tigers were missing last year. Is that something they said they were looking for in you?

Martin: “Yes. They told me they need a speed back. I know a lot of teams in the SEC have big backs and everything, but they need a guy like me that can come in there and change everything.”


Auburn fans have been learning more about you the last couple of weeks. What will they see out of Kam Martin this fall?

Martin: “They’re going to get the best out of Kameron Martin each and every day. I’m all about my business. I’m a very humble guy. I’m coming to Auburn for a reason, I want to compete against the best each and every week. That’s what I’m going to do. I feel like it’s the greatest fit for me. War Eagle.”

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