Four-Star 2018 WR Seth Williams Talks About Being Physical, Early Recruiting Attention. And More

Big-time 2018 wide receiver Seth Williams talks recruiting and is shown in action from recent 7-on-7 action.

Tuscaloosa, Ala.--Already one of the top 2018 wide receiver prospects in the country, newly minted four-star Seth Williams from Paul Bryant High is a dynamic football player with strong hands who can make plays with the ball in his hands or with the ball in the air.

Already with offers from the Auburn Tigers, Alabama, Florida State, Georgia, Ole Miss and South Alabama, the 6-2 1/2, 200-pounder said at the moment he’s just enjoying the recruiting process and taking everything in stride.

“It’s going good,” Williams said of the process and all the early attention. “I like it. It lets me know that I’m going to get somewhere in my life, but I still have to compete and let them know I’m not finished. I’m going to come to work hard every day and get better.”

A wide receiver on the next level and playing that role for the Stampede as well as seeing time at quarterback, Williams has great hands and rarely lets the ball get to his body when making a catch. That’s a very good sign for a wide receiver and when you combine that with a physical approach it usually means big things ahead.

“Catching and physicality are my strengths,” Williams said. “I want to let them know they can jam me, but I’ll get off of it anytime I want to. I just let them know I’m big and I’m ready for anything they throw my way.

“It helps me a lot,” he adds of his fearless attitude. “It lets my quarterback know that he can throw the ball anywhere and I’m going to catch it. I’m going to bail him out if he throws a bad pass.”

Photo by Jason Caldwell

Getting an offer from Auburn and starting to get to know AU wide receivers coach Kodi Burns, Williams said he hopes to take a closer look at the Tigers as he begins to learn more about the programs recruiting him.

“It’s a good school and I like them,” Williams said. “They compete with Alabama every year. They play some pretty good teams. They produce some good receivers almost every year. I like them.

“I like Coach Burns,” he added. “He knows what he’s doing with the receivers at Auburn.”

Not worried about making an early decision, Williams said for him he’s just focused on his junior season and branching out to learn more about some of the schools he’s interested in.

“I’m just enjoying it,” Williams said. “I want it all to soak in. You only get the chance to do this one time. I’m just looking at the education right now and find the one that fits me the most, then I’m looking at football.”

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