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Top DE Prospect Jarez Parks Enjoys First Look At Auburn, Talks Upcoming Visit Plans

One of the nation's top defensive end prospects discusses his visit to see the Auburn Tigers and his upcoming trips.

Sebastian River, Fla.--One of the nation’s top defensive end prospects, four-star prospect Jarez Parks made his initial visit to check out the Auburn Tigers on Tuesday and left impressed by what he saw from the program.

Spending time with Byron Cowart and coaches Rodney Garner and Scott Fountain, Parks said Auburn is definitely a school he’ll consider.

“It’s a great school,” Parks said. “I like how they have a quick system, everything is flowing pretty well. It seems like a good machine. It’s a beautiful campus with nice dorms. It was a really good visit.

“There was nothing that stood out in particular,” he added. “It was just a really great overall visit. If I were to pinpoint anything it was all the same, just really, really good.”

With offers from programs all over the nation, Parks said Auburn is on his radar now after getting a look at life on the Plains.

“They’re definitely in my options,” Parks said. “There are a bunch of them right now, but I know for sure when I’m done with my trip I’ll be getting a trip together sooner or later.

“I have to hit Florida State up,” he added. “I’m coming back to Alabama on Thursday. I have to hit Florida up. There’s a couple more visits I have to take this summer.”

Rated as the No. 6 defensive end in the country and the top player at his position in the South by Scout, the 6-5, 255 Parks is a top pass rusher, something Auburn is looking to add in the 2017 class. He said that was the message Garner had for him and it’s definitely something he’ll consider.

“They most liked my speed and how I’m diverse,” Parks said. “If they need me at certain other positions I’ll fit the criteria.

“Most likely they just want me to do what I’m programmed to do basically,” he added. “That’s rush the passer.”

Getting to spend time with Garner was one of the highlights of the day, said Parks. A veteran coach that doesn’t pull any punches on the recruiting trail or on the field, Garner’s no-nonsense approach definitely appealed to Parks.

“He’s a great dude,” Parks said. “It’s so cool. I love his energy. He’s like a real cool uncle, one of your uncles that you’ve always wanted something like that. He makes you feel at home basically. He’s a pretty cool coach.

“That could have a big impact,” he added. “Building a bond with your coaches is a big thing. They need you and you need them. I’m really strong on building a bond.”

The connection has already been made with Auburn TE Coach Scott Fountain. Recruiting Parks’ school for the Tigers, Fountain has been talking to the prospect for a while now and that has him very comfortable with Auburn.

“He’s got great energy,” Parks said. “He’s always there basically. If you need him he’s there. I love how much he’s interested in me.”

Next up for Parks is a trip to Alabama for his second visit to check out the Crimson Tide. He said this one is for his family to get to see the program and everything else in Tuscaloosa.

“This trip is more for my mom to look at the campus and everything,” Parks said. “If they can wow me more than they did the first time that would be a plus, but it’s mostly for my mother.”

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