Dye-Gest: Good to See A Dillard 5 Member

College Football Hall of Fame coach Pat Dye writes about one of Auburn's former standout performers, James Bostic.

Last Saturday I was in Auburn shopping when my phone rang and it was Auburn running backs coach Tim Horton who said, ‘Coach, I have got somebody here who wants to talk to you.’ It was James Bostic, an outstanding running back we signed out of Dillard High in Fort Lauderdale when I was coaching the Tigers.

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After talking with James I got my errands finished and stopped by the football complex to talk to him and his son, who was visiting Auburn for a football camp. He is a prospect like his father was and plays for Cardinal Gibbons High in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

His son is something like six-foot-three, 205 and James is 5-11, 225 so they have a different body structure. His son is an H-back and tight end, who also plays wide receiver. According to James, colleges like him as a wide receiver.

I don’t know what type of prospect James Bostic III is, but I know it was a real pleasure to spend time with his dad, who was a member of the Dillard Five, a group of players were recruited out of the same school. After talking with James, I started thinking about the impact those five kids had on the Auburn football program starting with Otis Mounds, who was the first one to come to Auburn. Then Frank Sanders, Calvin Jackson, Brian Robinson and James followed Otis to Auburn and all were major contributors.

Former AU running back James Bostic is shown at Auburn in 2013 when his unbeaten 1993 team was honored.

I think Auburn had a positive impact on those guys, too. I certainly think that is the case with James, who told me that he would like to write a book about their experience in college at Auburn. I hope those guys get together and do the book. I know it is something that would be of a lot of interest to me and other Auburn folks.

Frank and Calvin had nice careers in the NFL and James played until his fourth year in the league when he was injured and couldn’t play any more. Since retiring from football James has been in law enforcement and is currently involved with a SWAT team in Miami. He has an important job and I hope it goes well for James, someone I truly enjoyed having the opportunity to coach.

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