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Auburn LB Commitment T.D. Moultry Sees "Something Different" In Coach Travis Williams

Four-star linebacker commitment Tadarian Moultry talks about Coach Travis Williams, Auburn's linebackers and more.

Birmingham, Ala.--Taking time out of his preparation for the 2016 football season at Jackson-Olin, four-star linebacker commitment Tadarian Moultry was on campus over the weekend to check out the Auburn Tigers in preseason practices. Watching his future position coach closely as well as the linebackers, Moultry said he loves the way Travis Williams goes about his business each and every day at Auburn.

“Seeing them up close and watching him, I like the vibe and how he coaches,” Moultry said. “I know when I get there I can be comfortable with him. Every coach is different, but he’s really different as far as his coaching, from being a man and being very straight-forward. Everything is different about him. When I get off the field after football I know I’ll have a father figure.”

Something that Moultry said stands out about Williams is his approach on the practice field. A fiery competitor between the lines, Williams was always a guy who kept his emotions in check. That’s how he handles things on the practice field as well said Moultry.

“He’s different,” Moultry said. “All of the players in college are men. They are young men and he treats them like young men. In practice he tells them ‘good job’ even though there may be something small they can work on. He says ‘I need you to fix that tomorrow, I don’t want to see that tomorrow.' He’s not doing a lot of yelling.”

With a bunch of guys at his position who haven’t played a lot of football for the Tigers, Williams has plenty of coaching to be done in the preseason. Even with some guys who may not be well-known to AU fans, Moultry said he saw some good things from Auburn’s linebackers at practice and especially from DeShaun Davis.

“It’s a nice group,” Moultry said. “I like 51 (Richard McBryde) and 57 (Davis). He (Davis) is an underdog, but he’s always been physical since high school. He knows how to use his hands and knows how to tackle. I think he’s going to do his thing in the SEC. He’ll be in the draft one day and if he’s not it will only be because of his height.”

Despite winning just three games a season ago, Jackson-Olin is one of the teams that many think could take a big step forward in the Birmingham area this season. In addition to Moultry, the Mustangs have a speedy defensive back Mackell Pippen and also a big-time 2018 defensive lineman Coynis Miller. That strength on defense is something Moultry said he’s ready to see on the field this fall.

“It’s very exciting having somebody beside me as good as Pip and somebody in front of me as good as Junior (Miller),” Moultry said. “Taking a step forward is just one step at a time. We can’t worry about anybody else right now. We just have to worry about getting better.”

Planning to be at Auburn on Sept. 3 to watch the Tigers face Clemson, Moultry said he’s locked in to joining the program next season and can’t wait to get to the Plains.

“I’m fully committed and the coaches trust me,” Moultry said. “I talk to them about anything. They know I’m not going anywhere. I try to get on campus as much as I can and get comfortable with it.”

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