Auburn Offensive Coordinator Rhett Lashlee Says Football Tigers "Can't Play Scared"

Auburn's offensive coordinator gives his take on the need for the Tigers to be more aggressive.

Freshman receiver Kyle Davis (above) is a big-play threat for the AU Tigers.

Auburn, Ala.--After failing to adequately attack Texas A&M’s secondary in game three, could a change be coming in how Auburn chooses to attack LSU’s defense this Saturday evening?

Auburn’s offensive coordinator, Rhett Lashlee, hinted the Tigers might be headed in that direction for game four as 17th-ranked LSU visits Jordan-Hare Stadium.

“You’ve got to let your kids play, and you have to give them chances to make plays,”?Lashlee said.

“Probably in that last game, you’re worried to some degree that we have these two pass-rushers (Texas A&M’s Miles Garrett and Daeshon Hall) and we don’t want to put our guys in a bind so there’s a fine line,” Lashlee said. “You have to stay aggressive, but you’ve got to be aggressive in a smart way--and we do.

“We’ve got to give our guys chances to make plays,” he added. “It’s a players’ game so we have to give them those opportunities and we’ve got to go make them.”

The next chance for the Auburn Tigers to make big plays will be shortly after 5 p.m. CDT on Saturday as LSU, 2-1, looks to improve its record to 2-0 in SEC play. Auburn, which is 1-2 overall, dropped its SEC opener 29-16 to Texas A&M.

Jason Caldwell

Rhett Lashlee coaches the quarterbacks and is offensive coordinator.

Lashlee noted that being aggressive is not the same as being reckless. “You have got to go play and I think there’s a fine line. You have got to be smart. You have got to give your guys a chance and you can’t put them in situations that aren’t fair to them, but there’s also that balance of if you get too conservative trying to not mess up you don’t make any plays and you still end up messing up so you’ve got to still be aggressive. You have got to find ways schematically to do that.

“I really think our offensive line, particularly our tackles, did a decent job last week in pass protection,” the offensive coordinator added. “Really, three of the sacks were not their fault at all.

“One of them was a bootleg, and the guy ran straight up the field and we had no chance. Another was the first play of the game that nobody had a chance on that one. And the other one was one where we could have thrown the ball away. It wasn’t there and we held the ball too long.

“That was a concern going into the game for sure, just from a matchup standpoint, so I thought they did a good job holding their own,” Lashlee added. “They’ve just got to continue to improve and we have got to make sure we continue to try to protect them in the situations we need to, but we still have got to go play and win the game.

“You can’t play scared, you can’t play not aggressive, but you also can’t play stupid so you have to find that fine line,” the coach declared.

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