Dye-Gest: Time to Take A Step Forward

College Football Hall of Fame coach Pat Dye gives his take on the 2016 Auburn football Tigers.

Kerryon Johnson (above) and his teammates are 2-2 after defeating LSU 18-13.

As the Auburn football team heads into the second month of the season I think it is important that it find ways to improve offensively, something that needs to start as soon as possible before the Tigers make their first road trip of the season to Mississippi State a week from Saturday.

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There is certainly room for improvement on defense, but getting the offense playing at a higher level is essential if this team is going to be able to handle Mississippi State team and other Southeastern Conference teams on the schedule. It will definitely be difficult to beat high-scoring opponents like Arkansas, Ole Miss and Alabama if the offense doesn’t around.

One thing I know for sure is that a lot of Auburn fans had a big sigh of relief on Saturday night at the end of the LSU game. After coming close against Clemson and losing a game to Texas A&M, one I think the Tigers had a chance to win, Auburn really, really needed to win that game vs. LSU. I also think the Tigers needed to win a close game as a confidence builder and they got that on Saturday night against a ranked opponent that had dominated them last year.

One thing that has been consistent about the 2016 Tigers is that they have played with intensity week after week. Against LSU it looked like they played a solid game at the line of scrimmage, which is a good thing, especially considering the talent LSU has. That LSU defensive front has very talented guys.

There is an opportunity to get better before the third SEC game over at Mississippi State. It will be important to build confidence this week vs. Louisiana-Monroe and show up as a better, more polished team in Starkville because that is what I think it will take to win that game. Mississippi State is a pretty good football team, but playing in Starkville ain’t easy. It is going to take some leadership and great effort to go in there and win that one against an opponent that will have an extra week to prepare for that game.

There is a lot of football left to be played this season and I don’t see anybody on Auburn’s schedule the Tigers should be afraid to play, including Alabama, because of the way they are playing defense. However, the Tigers have got to get better offensively and the potential is there.

I thought Sean White did a great job playing quarterback vs. LSU. They gave him better protection and I think the game plan was a little simpler and it worked. I am excited about the rest of the year to see what happens with both the offense and defense.

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