Auburn's Kerryon Johnson Discusses Kamryn Pettway, Sean White In Win Over Rebels

Kerryon Johnson talks Kamryn Pettway, Sean White and the big win over Ole Miss.

On being back on the field

“I didn’t realize how long it had been, about three weeks. Just to get out there and play with the guys again felt great. It’s obvious when you come out with the W it feels great as well.”

Kamryn’s performance?

“He got me my two touchdowns. He got us down there multiple times. That’s just the performances I expect out of him now. He’s a load and loves to run the football hard and physical, and it’s hard for people to tackle him. If he keeps that up we’ll go very far.”

Three weeks in a row that he’s had a career high. Is that a surprise?

“When you see Pettway coming at you it strikes fear in defenders. Obviously he’s just running the ball hard and he’s keeping his feet moving and getting a lot of yards.”

When did you feel ready to go?

“It was good last week to not have to go. That really saved me. This week I felt really good during practice and in pregame warm-ups. Once that adrenaline gets going I just needed to get hit one time. I got hit the first time and shook it off and I was good to go after that.”

Hurt you late in the game?

“Yeah, I just got tied up underneath the pile. That’s normal football stuff so I just had to run it off. I still lost the ball so no matter what that’s unexecuseable. After that it was just a mistake.”

Feel like your old self?

“I felt close, I felt really close. I just had to get it going like I said. Once I got it going and got hit and got it out of my mind, I just had to play normal football like myself.”


“When we named him the starter I said the same thing, he’s a competitor. He’s a great leader and he’s going to make plays regardless of the situation. If things break down he’s going to make them with his legs. If things don’t break down he’s going to make them with his arm. He’s the leader of the team and he knows how to run this offense in and out. I expect him to keep making plays.”

What does it say about him that he stepped up against the Rebels?

“That means he’s ready for the moment. If we asked him to do something he’s going to get it done. He might not have to week in and week out, but when we need him to we know he will.”

Handling adversity on the road?

“Ole Miss, whatever their record is isn’t good enough. They’re a very talented team. They’ve been up on a lot of good teams. They were up on Ole Miss, they were up on Alabama, we knew we were going to have to face adversity. We were down however many points and we knew we had to come back and win. And we did that.”

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