Auburn QB Seam White Says He Wants to Continue to Fight Through His Shoulder Injury

Auburn quarterback Sean White discusses his health and the offense following a disappointing loss.

Auburn, Ala.-- Auburn sophomore quarterback Sean White admitted on Sunday night that he “aggravated” a shoulder injury “early in the game” during Auburn’s 13-7 SEC football loss to Georgia.

White, and the Auburn offense in general, struggled as their six-game winning streak was snapped. The QB hit just 6-20 passes for 27 yards and threw an interception that was returned for Georgia’s only touchdown.

“Being a competitor I wanted to win,” White said. “I wanted to be out there playing. I don’t really know if I let (the coaches) know how bad it was hurting me. That’s on me. I’ve got to do a better job of just being honest.”

White added, “I never really said anything about it. They said, ‘How is it?’ And I said, ‘Fine. It’s hurting, but I’m ready to go.’ They know I was a little bit injured anyway so I didn’t really give them any indication that it was hurting any worse.”

Asked when he hurt the shoulder again, White said, “It was early in the game, I think. A guy came on the blitz or something and hit me--came free after I threw the ball and just kind of aggravated it.”

The Tigers fell to 7-3 with the loss and 5-2 in the SEC.

“It was a bad game overall,” said White. “We’re very disappointed and we had a lot of opportunities missed. It’s a tough loss. There’s no other way to put it. We’re all bummed out about it. We’re allowed to be disappointed about it today, but we have to put it behind us because we still have games to play.”

Asked if he feels he needs to sit out of this week’s game vs. Alabama A&M, White said, “The cliché answer is it's far away, it's only Sunday, so I don't really know how it will feel later on in the week, but, obviously, yes, I want to play. I want to play every chance I get.

“I love playing at Jordan-Hare and with my teammates and playing for Auburn. I'm going to want to play as much as I can, but, yes, the Iron Bowl is a week away and I want to be as healthy as I can for that, too. I think it's just going to up to the trainers and the coaches and how I feel.”

Auburn finished the Georgia game with 10 first downs, with none coming after halftime.

“It was mostly the third downs,” White explained when asked what the biggest problem was in the second half. “We had a lot of third and shorts. When it’s third and two or three you’ve got to be able to get those at a pretty high rate. We weren’t getting them at all.

“Those are drive killers,” he added. “I think a big part of our offense is when we get that first down and get that rhythm going it’s huge. In the second half we got no rhythm going. It just killed our momentum.”

White said he doesn’t want to be known as a quarterback who is injury-prone. “I think that's part of it, just being a competitor,” he said on why he wants to keep playing despite not being full speed. “I can understand why people would say that. I think it's just bad luck. That may have gone into it on why I wanted to play because I don't want to be ‘that guy, always injured.’I want to be out there playing. That might have factored into it, but I’m not really sure.”

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