Talented 2017 Florida Propsect Chase Lasater Has Auburn On Top

Talented fullback Chase Lasater talks about why the Auburn Tigers have moved to the top of his list.

Jacksonville, Fla.--Originally committed to Michigan, three-star Chase Lasater is back on the market and looking for a new home as he prepares to take visits in January. One of the schools he’s looking strongly at is Auburn where sophomore Chandler Cox is the only fullback on the roster for the Tigers.

Being recruited as a linebacker by some schools, Laseter said Auburn likes him on offense. After getting visits in December from assistants Herb Hand and Scott Fountain, the 6-2, 231-pounder with 4.51 speed in the 40-yard dash said there’s plenty to like about the Tigers at the moment.

“Coach Hand and Coach Fountain came by and they were such personable people,” Laseter said. “They were very personal with my family. They sat down with me and hour and a half. They are busy men and may go see 10 other recruits that day. They took the time to sit there and speak with my family, be kind to me and my family, and just be cool coaches.

“Also they way they introduced formations to me,” he added. “Chandler Cox is out of Apopka. They really gave me a good feeling about playing football there as either a linebacker or fullback.”

As a senior Laseter said he missed all or parts of five games while dealing with minor injuries, but nothing that will impact him moving forward. Healthy at the end of the year as Trinity won another state title, he said he’s excited about his visit to Auburn coming up in January.

“They’re pretty much my number one school,” the 6-2, 231 Laseter said of the Tigers. “Michigan is always a contender, but they’re down South, they are at home. I feel like once I go on my official visit the 20th, I’m really loving Auburn a lot, I won’t lie.”

Still with some contact with Michigan and also with Georgia, Ole Miss, Oregon and Western Kentucky giving him attention, Laseter said right now Auburn is probably the team to beat for him.

“Auburn, honestly, as of now they’re pretty much my number one,” he said. “I really like Auburn.”

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