Transfer Tannon Snow Is Expected to Be An Immediate Contributor for the Auburn Softball Tigers

Tannon Snow is making a strong push for playing time with her new team, the Auburn Tigers, who are expected to make another run at the SEC and national title.

Auburn, Ala.--One of the top softball prospects in the country early in her high school career, Tannon Snow committed to Clint Myers as a freshman in high school and when he was still at Arizona State. When he moved to Auburn she decided to stay on the West Coast and play for Washington instead of following him across the country.

However, one season with the Huskes was enough for her and now she is ready to hit the field for the Tigers this year after transferring in last fall. .

Growing up in California and living last year in Seattle, Snow said being in Auburn has taken some adjusting, but now it’s a place she already calls home.

“It’s a lot different,” Snow said. “It’s a smaller town than where I come from, but I like the small town feeling. I already told my parents I’m not coming back to California because I like it out here so much. People are a lot nicer and friendly.”

That comfort level at Auburn has allowed Snow to hit the ground running with the Tigers. Impressing her coaches and teammates in the fall, she said getting back into the swing of things and the demands from Myers and his program was just like old times.

“It’s a lot different than where I came from,” Snow said. “It’s no rest, it’s all go, go, go, go. It’s a lot different and I like it a lot--back to what I’m used to.”

Expected to take over for Jade Rhodes at first base along with true freshman Justus Perry and sophomore Kendall Veach, Snow’s power is obvious when you watch her at the plate. Still getting comfortable playing a new position, Snow is a player Myers said hehe iss expecting to make an impact very early for the Tigers this season.

“She can swing it,” Myers said. “She's coming from the Pac so she's got quality at-bats against quality pitchers. We tried to get her when we were over at Arizona State, but she didn't want to come to Auburn the first time, but she wanted to come to Auburn the second time. She's a very offensive player.

“She's got a chance to be a very good defensive player," the coach added. "She is not used to us putting the emphasis on the feet. For defense, you have got to have good feet. If she can continue to improve her footwork, she's going to be a very good defensive player on either corner. She's doing both right now if something should happen to Coop (Kasey Cooper).”


Defense is something that Snow is focusing on after making the move from the left side of the infield to first base. From reactions to footwork, things are much different on the right side and she said it’s a work in progress.

“I thought it was going to be a little bit easier to learn just because it’s the corners, but once you’re on the other side of the field it’s totally different,” Snow said. “I’ve learned a lot and now I’m just taking it all together.”

Playing for Myers means doing the little things that help a team win and thoroughly learning about all aspects of the game. That was the case throughout the fall for Snow as she found out what it takes to play for the Tigers. Now familiar with their style and demands, she said it’s all about doing your job and working hard with the Tigers opening preseason drills on Thursday.

“These coaches, there’s a lot of information that you gather from them,” Snow said. “To take it all in it’s a lot at first, but once you take it all in it’s crazy. It’s unbelievable. They make you buy into what they’re teaching and that’s what I like a lot. I’m able to buy into what they’re teaching us and it’s been great.”

Saying that she likes the potential of this team because of the veterans and the amount of young talent on the roster, The sophomore said she’s just looking to do her part as she continues to grow in the program.

“I hope I can bring some leadership,” Snow said. “Hitting, just whatever it can be, I hope I can bring it to this team. I’m learning from older girls like Haley (Fagan) and Kasey. Day by day I’m learning something new, which is awesome.”

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