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Dye-Gest Column: Living Near Auburn Keeps Life Ineresting

Coach Pat Dye writes about a couple of Auburn sports teams and his life after football in this edition of his Dye-Gest column.

Carlee Wallace (above) is a catcher for the Auburn softball team, which is ranked No. 2 nationally this week.

People who wonder what I do these days and how my life is as a retired football coach, I can tell you that it is never boring. Every day on the farm where I live there is something different going on, which is a constant challenge. This week has been no different.

I have a lot of color on my farm in the spring, which is a good thing, but considering this is still February that is not what I want to be seeing. The weather has gotten crazy. The azaleas are already blooming and the Japanese maples are flushing out.

There are blooms everywhere, which has me concerned with the possibility that it will get really cold again in March, which almost always happens.

On top that we had an unwelcomed visitor move into my pond. A beaver is the worst enemy of someone who loves trees and grows them for a living.

I saw the beaver for the first time this week and have had to declare war. I have to get him out of there. I? hope he just stopped over for a day or so and with all of the dogs I have around the farm he will be moving on because a beaver can do a world of damage in one night.

I love being out on the farm and considering how close I am to Auburn, I don’t know how my life could be any better. I am never bored because there is so much going on around the university and so much to do at my place. I look forward to getting up each morning and getting something done.

We have a grafting class going on using our Japanese maples and have a lot of people coming by for that. We have been doing it the last five or six weeks on Saturdays and hopefully we can do it for a couple more weeks if the weather cooperates.

Also, we go out and plant a lot of trees, which is something I ?thoroughly enjoy doing. It’s also fun to get to meet new folks while doing that and building relationships with them and their families.

Living not far from Auburn I enjoy keeping up with what is going on with all of the university’s sports teams. While the unseasonably warm weather wasn’t what we wanted to see out on the farm, it was good for the Auburn  baseball and softball teams.

It was exciting to see the baseball team close its first weekend of games by winning a one-run decision, something that was a real problem for the Tigers last year. Hopefully, that is a good sign for the rest of the season because the ability to win close games is a really big deal in baseball.

The softball team is doing its thing again this year and working towards making another run to the College World Series. I really enjoy watching this team play and recommend to any Auburn sports fan if you can get to the games in person or have time to watch the Tigers on TV you should check it out. You will likely be impressed with what you see. They are really fun to watch play and hopefully the baseball Tigers will develop into the same type of team.

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