Tigers Mired In Offensive Slump

Tiger players talk about the offensive woes and what can be done to remedy them.

Auburn, Ala.--Looking at the Auburn Tigers through two games this fall, it's hard to put your finger on exactly what's wrong with this team. Many of the names remain the same from last season's strong finish, but this is a different game they are playing. Scoring just three points in eight quarters, the offense has left much to be desired heading into this week's SEC road opener against Vanderbilt.

That means another possible bad day for the offense with the Commodores employing the same attacking style of defense that will put the pressure on the offense up front. Having given up 13 sacks in just two games this season, a mind-numbing stat for an offensive line thought to be one of the best in the SEC, the offense as a whole must go back to the drawing board in a hurry to find out what the problems are and why they're not getting the job done.

"You can't pinpoint one thing," center Danny Lindsey said. "Football is a team sport. You have to have a full team effort during the game. We don't point fingers during the game, it's not the coaches fault and it's not the players fault. It's a team effort."

Following Saturday's humbling 17-3 defeat to Georgia Tech when the Tigers ran for just 40 yards on 38 carries, Lindsey made no attempt to cover his feelings of disgust at the way his team had played. One thing he did clarify was that he felt like many of the problems on offense right now were because of players just not getting the job done.

"You can't blame this on the coaches," Lindsey said. "It's not their fault. They're not out there playing, all they can do is give us a game plan. We have to execute the game plan, they can't do it for us. They've put us in situations to win, we just have to win the game."

Courtney Taylor is 39th in the NCAA, averaging six catches per game this season through two games.

To win the game the Tigers must prove they can throw the football. That has yet to be proven this season, although at times the offense moved effectively against Georgia Tech through the air. One of the few bright spots for the offense is redshirt freshman receiver Courtney Taylor. A former high school quarterback, he said that the receivers have to make some big plays if this offense is going to get out of their current funk.

"When we have our opportunities when they throw it down the field, when we catch the ball we need to do a little bit extra," Taylor said. "That goes for all our receivers. When we catch the ball make somebody miss and make the big play and get in the endzone. That's what they count on us to do. We're not doing that right now."

Now the Tigers must get back to work and try to figure out some way to get the job done against Vanderbilt next week. Asked what he thought needed to be done, Taylor said that players just have to make plays. That's all it came down to.

"I'm not a coach, I really don't know," Taylor said. "I feel we're not into it right now. That's basically what it all boils down to. The players are not executing. We just have to go out and find out what's wrong.

"I feel there are great plays coming down it just comes to the point of executing," Taylor added. "These are the same plays that we ran last week and last year. We feel good with this offense. We're just not executing them."

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