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Former Auburn Running Back Jovon Robinson Wants An Opportunity to Play Pro Football

Jovon Robinson is not giving up on his dream of playing football on Sundays.

Auburn, Ala.--Following a rollercoaster five years that has seen him go from Auburn to Georgia Military College back to Auburn and finally dismissed from the team before his senior season, running back Jovon Robinson is looking for a chance to show some NFL team what he’s capable of doing on a football field.

There’s no denying the talent that Robinson possesses and his ability to take over a game was apparent during stretches of the 2015 season for the Tigers. Rushing for 639 yards on just 117 carries, the powerful back showed what he could do when given the chance to get into a rhythm.

Against Texas A&M his 159 yards on 27 carries led the Tigers to a big road win. He finished off the year with 136 yards on 27 carries in winning MVP honors in the Birmingham Bowl.

Sitting out an entire year and working to become a better player despite not being in games, Robinson said it taught him he needs to work for what he wants and right now that's a chance to show he belongs on the next level.

“It’s definitely been worth it,” Robinson said. “I don’t change, but if I do change it’s definitely for the better. Me not participating in my senior year, it definitely shaped me to reach for the stars. It shaped me to reach way higher than I ever thought or dreamed to. It shaped me into an NFL running back.

“The thought process that goes behind the five years college, the thought process that goes behind sitting out your senior year, it’s definitely personal. People may not necessarily agree with how I look at it or necessarily accept it, but it’s reality.

“Sitting out my senior year, every NFL team should understand that when a running back of my caliber is able to sit out his senior year and still have an effect on a team that I had. If you just look back at a game like the Sugar Bowl, the offensive performance was pretty bad. It kind of hurt me a little bit, but I definitely had to move on.”

Now without the benefit of a pro day at Auburn, Robinson is hoping to be able to show a team or teams what he’s capable of with some private workouts. With a drive to play the game and do it well, he said now all he needs is a chance.

“What Jovon Robinson brings to the table for any NFL team is winning,” he said. “I have a winning record. I have a winning mentality. I have a winning personality. That comes first, you’ve got to bring that to the table. That’s just how I feel.

“Second, what Jovon Robinson brings is motivation. He also brings longevity and confidence. That pretty much sums it up for me. It’s not rocket science or anything. I try to keep it as simple and transparent as possible.”

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