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Maximum Effort: Auburn's Marlon Davidson Builds His Game On Playing Hard

Auburn's Marlon Davidson builds his game on effort and now he's ready to take things to the next level.

Auburn, Ala.--When you watch Auburn sophomore defensive end Marlon Davidson play the game of football the first thing that jumps out at you is effort. While plenty of guys expend effort trying to get to the quarterback few show the relentless pursuit of the football that Davidson has become known for since joining the team.

Always a threat to chase down a ball carrier from across the field or even run him down from behind, Davidson said that is always something he has done and he doesn’t play on slowing down anytime soon.

“It’s just my mindset man,” Davidson said. “I feel like I can catch down anybody. I feel like I can run down a leopard or anything. I might not do it, but that’s my attitude about it. I have that go-getter attitude, never to

stop until I lose breath and that’s probably never.”

It was that kind of effort and play that made Davidson a starter in all 13 games for the Tigers as a true freshman a season ago. While he is still one of the younger players on the team, he is also one of the more experienced defensive linemen on the roster.

Because of that he could be considered a leader for this defense even at his young age. Davidson said while he’ll always have that approach with his play, he also understands there is plenty more for him to learn.

“Well, yeah it’s tough man because now everybody’s seen what you can do and everybody’s looking for that every play,” Davidson said. “Everybody’s looking for Marlon to make the play and everything. You just have to take that as you’re one of the impact players, like Coach (Rodney Garner_ was telling us today to become impact players so that’s what I’m trying to do. I’m trying to take on that role, but it’s hard because you really don’t know too much about it. Right now, I’m just trying to sit back and let my seniors take control of the room now.”

One of the biggest questions for the defense is how the Tigers will replace Montravius Adams and Carl Lawson up front. It may seem as obvious as having Davidson and fellow sophomore Derrick Brown step into those roles as playmakers for the Tigers, but Davidson said it’s not as simple as that.

“As of now, no because we’re still improving,” Davidson said of taking filling in for Lawson and Adams. “We can’t get there yet. They got four years over us. We’ve only got one in the books. We’re trying to take it as today and work towards that to the future.”

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