Auburn QB Jarrett Stidham Talks First Spring Scrimmage

Auburn quarterback Jarrett Stidham talks about his first spring scrimmage, his transition to Auburn, and much more.

Auburn, Ala.--Taking part in his first spring scrimmage with the Auburn Tigers on Saturday, transfer quarterback Jarrett Stidham had a chance to knock off the rust after not playing in live action since the 2015 season at Baylor. While he wasn't in live action like young quarterbacks Woody Barrett and Malik Willis, he said having the chance to play football again felt good.

“First scrimmage man, it’s good to be back out there," Stidham said. "It’s been a minute since I’ve been on the field in a scrimmage situation. It was just good to be out there again.

“There’s definitely some rust. A little bit. I tried to get most of that off in the first day or two. It was good to just get back out there and scrimmage against a full blown defense with referees out there and everything like that.”

Part of a four-man rotation at quarterback this spring along with returning starter Sean White, who is sitting out of live action recovering from a broken arm, Stidham said so far the offense is going well under first-year coordinator Chip Lindsey.

“Good, it’s just trying to get everyone on the same page," Stidham said. "But that’s what spring is for, just trying to compete everyday and get better everyday, build off each practice we have and go into the next one with a great attitude and great energy.”

Coming to Auburn in part because of his bond with former OC Rhett Lashlee, Stidham said he's been happy with what he's seen from Lindsey so far and feels like things are going to be just fine for the Tigers.

“It’s just part of the business," Stidham said. "Obviously, whenever I came here, you know coach Lashlee brought me here. Me and him are still tight. We still talk every other week to just check up on each other. When it happened, like I said it was part of the business, but coach Lindsey is a great offensive coordinator and great guy. I’m grateful he’s here with us.”

Something that has been a positive for Stidham is that Lindsey's offense has plenty of similarities to the one he played in at Baylor. With a focus on RPO's (run pass option plays) and throwing the ball more, he said it has been a comfortable transition for him and he's excited about things on the Plains.

“There are definitely some similar things, but there’s also some differences," Stidham said. "’m just trying to get it all down as much as I can right now, stay in the film room, stay in the playbook as much as possible, work with the coaches and do everything I can.”

Saying he's taking things day-by-day, Stidham notes his goal hasn't changed since the first day he decided to come to Auburn. That goal is to be the starter when the Tigers take the field against Georgia Southern.

"I think that’s why I came here," Stidham said. "I came here to get a great education from Auburn University and then to be the starting quarterback for the Auburn Tigers."



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