Auburn's Kodi Burns Sees A Lot To Like From John Franklin At WR "He Wants To Be Great"

Auburn's John Franklin made the move from quarterback to wide receiver, something his position Coach Kodi Burns is familiar with.

Auburn, Ala.--When Auburn senior John Franklin made the switch from quarterback to wide receiver this spring it came with the knowledge that waiting to coach him up was a person who had an idea of exactly what he was going through.

A five-star quarterback that made the move to wide receiver later in his career at Auburn, Kodi Burns now coaches the position on the Plains and was there to welcome Franklin with open arms when he moved to his group.

“I think it’s just a really good situation for myself and John to just see eye-to-eye and come into this thing like ‘dude I get it. You’re coming from quarterback to receiver and I went through some of the same things’. I can really mentor him and coach him up and understand that he’s a big-time athlete.

“I was a good athlete. Moving positions, now it’s about teaching yourself and me teaching him how to play that position. So top of the routes, how to run a route, getting open, a release, that’s where he’s at right now. He’s willing to learn. It’s very exciting to have him in our room being the type of kid he is.”

Something that Franklin hasn’t had a problem with is work ethic. Taking the move head-on, Franklin has done a good job of trying to soak up every bit of knowledge said Burns.

“He’s always asking questions, he’s trying to come to my office constantly and meet with me,” Burns said. “He gets it. He’s hungry. He wants to learn. He wants to be great. He’s going to help us in a multitude of different things in terms of special teams and receiver. I think he’s going to be one of those guys that is going to do multiple things.”

Known for his speed at the quarterback position, Franklin has impressed Burns this spring making the transition to his new spot because of what he can do with his hands.

“I wouldn’t say it’s impressive at this point, but everyday it’s just his speed (that stands out),” Burns said. “John is a guy that can just flat out run. His ability to have natural hands is probably one of the most impressive things.

“Me moving positions, I didn’t have natural hands. I had to really teach myself how to catch. I thought I could catch, but I couldn’t. That’s one of those things that I had to learn and teach myself every single day in the summertime.

“He has to do those things as well, but he just has natural hands. He has a natural ability to catch the ball and that has been impressive so far.”

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