Sullivan Staying Prepared

Josh Sullivan talks about the life of a back-up quarterback and Auburn's struggles on offense.

Auburn, Ala.--The backup quarterback's popularity on campus is often directly related to the struggles of the offense and the performance of the No. 1 QB.

With Auburn scoring only three points in its opening two games and Jason Campbell not playing as well as expected, it¹s a natural question to ask if the backup, Josh Sullivan, is going to get a chance to jump start the offense.

Head coach Tommy Tuberville says that Campbell, a junior, will remain the main man at quarterback, but doesn¹t rule out the possibility that redshirt freshman Sullivan will get a chance to play some if the Tigers continue to struggle on offense.

Sullivan says he plans to be ready if he gets the call. "You make sure that you are prepared just as much as the starting quarterback," he says. "You know your checks and go through them in the meeting room.

Sullivan with quarterback Coach Steve Ensminger.

"When you get out there on the field while you are on the sideline you see what is happening out there and you try to go through the checks in your head to make sure you see the same thing (Jason) is seeing. You always want to stay in tune with the game in case something does happen."

Sullivan, a 6-4, 208-pounder from Little Rock, Ark., has shown a strong arm in practice. However, he wasn't consistent enough to make a serious run at taking the job from Campbell in preseason or last spring when he split his time between football and baseball. Auburn's offense was shut out on opening day and didn't look much better in scoring just three points last week at Georgia Tech.

"I think everybody is surprised at our start, but that is in the past now and we are focusing on Saturday¹s game vs. Vanderbilt and the start of the conference season," Sullivan says. "We had a real good day of practice on Tuesday and a real good one on Sunday.

"It is tough to see the offense as a whole struggle," Sullivan adds. "We just have not been meshing. This week we have been working on that and for the next game I think we will be ready to go."

Sullivan says that neither quarterback coach Steve Ensminger nor Tuberville have told him that he will play this week, but says he goes into each game with the mindset that he could be iin the middle of the action. "I think I learned a lot throughout the summer and throughout two-a-days and believe I am prepared to play if needed."

Sullivan and the Tigers will travel to Nashville on Friday for Saturday's game at Vanderbilt Stadium that will be televised regionally on JP at 11:30 a.m.

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