Dye-Gest Column: Former Auburn Athletes Making a Postive Difference

College Football Hall of Fame coach Pat Dye writes about former AU athletes in this edition of his Dye-Gest column.

Tim Hudson (above) is a former Auburn and Major League baseball star.

I receive a lot of invitations to attend fund-raiser events around the Auburn area and as I write this week’s column I am getting ready to head out to the Auburn University Club where pro golfer Jason Dufner is holding his annual event to raise money for families in need.

It reminds me of how often former Auburn athletes are making contributions to the community and other similar type projects. Bo Jackson had his Bo Bikes Bama event last weekend. Tim Hudson and his wife Kim do a lot of good work in the community through their foundation. Last month they sponsored another major concert at Jordan-Hare Stadium to raise funds for their projects.

I know football player Kendall Simmons, baseball’s Scott Sullivan and football’s Will Herring have been involved in projects and there are so many of the former athletes doing them I can’t name them all right now. It makes me proud of the character of so many men and women who come through the various athletic programs at Auburn University when they are eager to make a positive difference. I go to as many of the charitable events as I can and we do one for the school of nursing, something that I really enjoy. 

It is always enjoyable seeing former AU athletes come back to live in the community and it is common to see them heavily involved in the type of projects that make this such a great place to live. It is really not surprising that people want to come back to the area if the opportunity arises because I personally know what type of impact Auburn has had on my life and our family.

I don’t have the words to express exactly how much it means to me to be just a small part of the Auburn community during my life. I may say that too much for some of our readers, but it isn’t too much for me.

Auburn's baseball and softball teams continue to be a lot of fun to keep up with this spring. I was impressed with how Butch Thompson’s baseball team has been able to work around injury issues and put backups on the field who are getting the job done against strong competition. When you see that happening it tells me that there is good coaching going on, something I have enjoyed watching since Clint Myers took over the softball program four years ago.

I am glad that Athletic Director Jay Jacobs, or whoever in the athletic department was responsible for convincing Coach Myers and Coach Thompson to come aboard, had the vision to make those hires. My firm belief is those men, and others who are coaching here at Auburn, were also attracted by the quality of life, which makes it so much easier to hire people to come to work here.

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