Johnson Ready To Right The Ship

Senior fullback Brandon Johnson talks about the offensive woes of the Tigers this season and what they're trying to do to correct them.

Auburn, Ala.--When you think of toughness and determination in reference to Auburn football, the name Brandon Johnson comes to mind. Auburn's starting fullback, the senior has been a big part of the success of the offense the better part of the last two seasons, but doesn't have an answer for what's happening to his unit right now.

No matter the formation, situation or circumstance, the offense has been non-existent to this point in the season. While the fans and followers of Auburn football will dwell on the disappointment of the year to date, Johnson said as a player he can't afford to do that.

"I think the first two games, we've put it behind us right now," Johnson said. "We kind of got ourselves together. The real season starts this Saturday. We look at it like we haven't lost anything. We haven't played an SEC opponent yet. This is what we've been looking forward to. The real season starts Saturday."

Johnson leads the way for Ronnie Brown in last year's Citrus Bowl in Orlando.

While talk of a national championship was making the circles all summer and into fall practice, the goal for this Tiger team remained unchanged. Just like it's been since Coach Tommy Tuberville's arrival, the goal is Atlanta no matter how farfetched that seems right now.

"Non-conference games, you want to win them, but obviously they're not as important as SEC rivals," Johnson said. "This is a big game for us. We have to win this game. We're just not clicking on the same page right now. We're close, none of us are down, we all believe in each other. We believe in the coaches and we're sticking together. Eventually it's going to click."

Instead of waiting for something good to happen on Saturday, Johnson said the players have taken it upon themselves to get the job done in practice this week. Working on blocking at the point of attack and not making mistakes, the test is now getting it done in a game situation.

"I think once we have something good happen to us then it will build our momentum," Johnson said. "We're just waiting for that one good thing to happen and then we'll go from there. Obviously we haven't been playing real well, but we've had some bad luck, too. We've been one or two blocks away from actually scoring on a few of those plays, but somebody has to make a big play and make something happen to get everybody else going."

Just like most people who have watched the Tigers play the first two games, Johnson is mystified by the offense's lack of production in the two losses. Whether it's been a missed block or errant pass, the numbers just haven't been put on the scoreboard this season and that's something Johnson said has to change if the Tigers hope to come away with a win in Nashville.

"In the first two games we've seen a lot of stuff that we haven't seen or prepared for much," Johnson said. "We've had a couple of breakdowns here and there. Plus we've faced a good team in USC and Georgia Tech had a pretty good front four. We had a few mistakes. I think once we feel like we're starting to be successful is when everything is going to click.

We're not saying we're not trying and we're not motivated, which we are," he added. "We still believe in each other and we believe we can do it. We've just had a few mistakes here and there and had a couple of things go wrong. Once we get out of that, once we start clicking, things will be all right."

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