Mark Green Picks The SEC--Week Three

Columnist Mark Green analyzes round three of the Southeastern Conference's football games.

Mark Green

Editor's Note: Mark Green's record for the year is 16-5 (.762) after posting an 8-3 mark last week. Mark accurately forecast Florida's near upset of Miami and predicted South Carolina's victory over Virginia, but didn't forsee Auburn's upset loss at Georgia Tech.


It wasn't pretty, but we did manage a 8-1 point spread record last week, even though a couple of teams lost opportunities for upsets. What was really ugly is the assumption that Auburn would bounce back from an opening day defeat at the hands of USC. Yuck city.

Speaking of ugly, look out for Jackie Sherrill's Joe Lee-less defense against Tulane QB J.P. Losman this Saturday in New Orleans. Could be very, very ugly indeed. Tulane 27, MISSISSIPPI STATE 24.

Western Illinois vs LSU

Why even bother? LSU 58, Western Illinois 6

Florida A&M at FLORIDA

The Rattlers are that other team from Tallahassee and should serve as a physical fun-day tune-up this Saturday for Ron Zook's 1-1 Gators. Last week Florida took Miami to the limit, only to succumb on freshman quarterback Chris Leak's late game interception. Word was that starting quarterback Ingle Martin suffered a concussion against the 'Canes with the Gators comfortably in the lead, but had to come out in favor of Leak and fellow freshman Gavin Dickey in the second half. Thus ended Gator hopes of the upset. This week, Martin is slated to start again, but the rotating QBs should continue. Maybe Dickey and Leak can hold onto the lead this time around. FLORIDA 40, Florida A&M 20.

Louisiana-Monroe at OLE MISS

Ole Louisiana Monroe will stagger into Oxford Saturday for a showdown with Colonel Reb and Eli Manning. When the cuttin is done, expect the second place trophy to be awarded this time to the invader from the South. OLE MISS 38, Louisiana-Monroe 17.


The Cocks take on the Dawgs in Athens in what should be a tell-tale battle in the SEC East. It's clear that Lou Holtz means business with his rejuvenated offense, basing his gameday improvement against Virginia last week on sound blocking fundamentals and a determined 230-pound running back named Daccus Turman. Georgia is heavily favored to win this game, but nothing should be taken for granted, especially in light of the young Georgia offensive line and Lou Holtz's big game coaching expertise. GEORGIA 30, SOUTH CAROLINA 20.


Matt Jones and the Cedric Cobbs-led Hog running game just may bring the challenge with them first thing Saturday morning in what might be a real eye-opener around the country. In fact this game could have some serious consequences for National Title contender Texas as the Longhorns play host to the super-surly Pig Squealing secondary of Houston Nutt.

This rivalry stinks like a Middle Eastern goat roast, bloated eyeballs and all, and the only thing left of the loser in Austin will be an all-u-can eat barbecue sign stuck in the carcass, indicating whether the beast was once beef or pork. ARKANSAS 20, Texas 17.


Like that last pick? Well, you'll love the next one. Or at least the possibilities. What we had last week was Alabama and new QB Brodie Croyle giving it their all to knock off the nation's number one team. And, but for a gutsy 4th down fake punt call by Oklahoma from their own 30, Alabama may well be 2-0 right now.

I'm not sure Kentucky will be able to slow Bama's running game enough to pull an upset Saturday night, but I will say UK's Big Blue QB and his nifty, shifty wide receivers should give the shaky Tide cornerbacks fits of separation anxiety. Just for fun, let's even say the 'Cats might win. Might. ALABAMA 28, KENTUCKY 27.


An open letter to Coach Nallminger:

"And now I'm praying for the end of time, to hurry up and arrive.

'Cause if I gotta spend another minute with you, I don't think that I can really survive.

I'll never break my promise; never break my vow. But God only knows what I could do right now. I'm just praying for the end of time. That's all that I can do

So I can end my time with you....................

It was long ago, and far away. It was so much better than it is today"--Meatloaf

"Winning is the epitome of honesty"--Woody Hayes

How 'bout it fellas? Shall we give it one more shot? AUBURN 37, VANDY 13

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