Baseball Renovation Photo Gallery

A free photo gallery showing the improvements to Plainsman Park, already voted the nation's number one college ballpark.

Replaced over the summer and early fall, the grass at Plainsman Park is already beautiful and should be among the best playing surfaces in the country next spring. The surface will be helped by a new drainage system that will keep water off the surface and avoid puddles in the outfield.

Something that is a fantastic addition is a new warning track that has been installed around all but the home plate area of Plainsman Park. It will not only protect players along the foul lines, but allow mowers and equipment to get on and off the field and keep it beautiful.

The turf around home plate has also been replaced for the 2004 season. Gone are the Tiger Eyes with the words Auburn Tigers now facing the stands.

The field is not the only part of Plainsman Park that has been given a facelift. The locker rooms for the Auburn Tigers have been enlarged and renovated to give the home team a great facility for practicing and games. The locker room is now almost twice as large as the original when the facility was first built.

Outside of the third base line of Plainsman Park is the new HealthSouth Baseball Rehabilitation Center. The facility, scheduled to open next spring, will be the premier baseball injury specialty facility in the country.

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