South Hot 100 quarterback talked about why he chose Auburn, strengths, weaknesses, and more."> South Hot 100 quarterback talked about why he chose Auburn, strengths, weaknesses, and more.">

Interactive Chat Re-Cap with AU Commit

<b>Calvin Booker</b> joined Inside the Auburn Tigers on Tuesday night for a chat. The <a href="">South Hot 100</a> quarterback talked about why he chose Auburn, strengths, weaknesses, and more.

The format for the chat was as follows: South Hot 100 quarterback Calvin Booker was on the telephone
with Southeastern Recruiting Analyst Scott Kennedy. Scott fielded questions from members of Inside The Auburn Tigers in the chat room, and relayed them to Calvin. Calvin then answered, and Scott relayed the answers back to the members of the Inside the Auburn Tigers via the chat room.

The following transcript is an edited version of the chat dialogue to appear in a much easier to read Q&A format.

: Calvin, what made you want to be a Tiger?
Calvin Booker: When ever I go down there I really enjoy myself. I'm really comfortable there. And wherever I go I want to be comfortable, because that's where I'm going to spend the next four or five years of my life. The academics were very important too. I can go a lot of places for good football, but when I say down for about an hour with the academic advisors, that was the clincher.

Tiger9633: Calvin, what are you planning on Majoring in?
Calvin Booker: Business, Finance, Accounting, with a minor in Broadcast Communications

CAWAREGLE: What are your current height and weight stats?
Calvin Booker: 6-3 and 220 pounds
Scott Kennedy: I stood next to him on Monday, and he's every bit of 6-3.

aubie981: What weight do you feel is ideal for you to play college ball?
Scott Kennedy: I think he's about the ideal weight right now for 6-3.

IronEagle: How are your passing stats this year?
Calvin Booker: A little over 900 yards and 8 touchdowns. I completed about 62% of my passes so far.

Rob1855: What QB's do you Most admire, and why?
Calvin Booker: I admire Peyton manning the most, because he is a real student of the game. You can see him improve from week to week, and that is the key to being a good quarterback. You can never stop trying to get better.

IronEagle: Are you mobile?
Calvin Booker: I have good escapability, but I'm not the fastest guy on the field. I'm fast enough to make plays though.

Rob1855: How would you describe your style?  Are you more of a pocket passer, or do you like to move around a bit?
Calvin Booker: I'm a pocket passer. I'm very pocket aware, but I feel comfortable when I'm moving outside of the pocket.

aubie981: what is the one thing you feel you need to improve on the most before you begin your college career?
Calvin Booker: My speed and my agility, I can always improve on those. College is so much faster than high school so I can always get faster.

Rob1855: What have you thought about the recruiting process?  Which AU coaches recruited you?
Calvin Booker: Coach Terry Price was recruiting me. When I went to the passing camp this summer, I got to talk with Coach Ensminger and Coach Tuberville. I liked both of them a lot too.

CAWAREGLE: Calvin, I'm also excited about the wideout we signed from Georgia.  Name escapes me.
Calvin Booker: (James Swinton) He has lots of speed and great hands. We played against him in the Passing league and he caught my eye. He was a player that I would watch when we weren't playing, because he was so good. 

IronEagle: What do you like best about Auburn?
Calvin Booker:  I like the relaxed atmosphere....

Rob1855: Calvin, Who is the best player you've faced this year?
Calvin Booker: Emmanuel Spann (WR at Westlake) is probably the best player overall that I've played against. On defense, it would be Michael Brown... hands down.

weagle222: Calvin, are you looking to redshirt or do you want to try to work into the rotation right away?
Calvin Booker: weagle222 - I'm willing to do whatever the coaches want me to do. If they think I need another year, then why not redshirt? But if they think I have the chance to contribute, then I'd love to play. I'm a competitor, of course I want to play, but I'm not against redshirting

aubie981: Calvin----do you know Demiko Goodman?  If so, how close?
Calvin Booker: No, I don't know him...

Rob1855: Calvin, what did you think of the EA Camps?
Calvin Booker: It was great, it was a great opportunity to see how I matched up against the best in the country, and it makes you feel that much more relaxed when you come home to you know that you hung with the best in the country. It makes you feel a lot more confident in your own abilities.

Tiger9633: Calvin -- growing up, which colleges did you like?
Calvin Booker: I probably liked Florida State and Florida, and Texas and Oklahoma the best.

Rob1855:  Are their former Auburn players that you admire?
Calvin Booker: Bo (laughs)

weagle222: Which game this season would you call your best game and why?
Calvin Booker: The Westlake game, because we weren't favored to win, and I felt like I led the team with composure and poise. we went in and took care of business. I think I was 8/13 for 155 yards that night.

CAWAREGLE: Calvin, did you ever get to watch Dameyune Craig play QB for Auburn?
Calvin Booker: No, I didn't get to watch him. (Now do you feel old? SK)

Rob1855: Calvin, how important was it to you to attend a school closer to home?
Calvin Booker: It was important, but if Auburn was further away, I'd still see myself going there. I'm not going to be with my mom and dad forever. It's still nice to have my parents come and see me play though. So it was kind of a bonus to have Auburn close to home, but not a deciding factor.

weagle222: What do you think is your best trait as a quarterback Calvin?
Calvin Booker: Leadership
Scott Kennedy: He has an incredibly strong arm and loves to throw the deep ball.

Rob1855: what was the last CD you listened to?
Calvin Booker: T.I. Trap Muzik

tigeraub: What do you feel will be the biggest adjustments from reading  high school  defenses and college?? what are the main things you are taught now in high school to look at when you get to the line of scrimmage ??
Calvin Booker: Everyone in high school plays a zone, they all play a cover 2 or a cover 3, and that's easy to read. They try and fool you a lot more in college, but I will have more time to study the tendencies with my coaches in college. So while I think the defenses will be more complicated, I will have more time to prepare for them.

Rob1855: Calvin -- After football, any idea what you might want to do?  You can't stay in the NFL forever....
Calvin Booker: Rob1855 - I want to be a broadcaster or analyst for ESPN, or I want to go into my family business. My grandfather owns Southern Choice Catfish and a lot of Land in Arkansas.

I wanted to thank the Inside the Auburn Tigers members as well as Calvin Booker for coming by the Chat last night, and I look forward to doing this again soon.

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