Senior 'Remembers The Feeling'

Defensive end Reggie Torbor gives his perspective on the Auburn-Alabama football rivalry.

Auburn, Ala.--Auburn fans everywhere remember with disgust the score 31-7. It has been etched in their brains since that day two years ago when Alabama came into Jordan-Hare Stadium and blitzed the favored Tigers and kept them out of a possible SEC Championship Game berth.

However, no matter how much the fans remember the game and the pain it caused, it likely doesn't compare to what the Auburn players felt that day and from every day forward until last year's win in Tuscaloosa.

One player who vividly remembers the game is senior defensive end Reggie Torbor. A native of Baton Rouge who has embraced the Auburn spirit since his arrival five years ago, Torbor says that he didn't really get a true sense of the rivalry until after the embarrassment of that game and he and his teammates suffered.

"The last one was real big because I can remember after that game was the first time I really got the feel of the Auburn-Alabama rivalry," Torbor says. "I'm not from Alabama so I didn't really know. The first year (1999) I redshirted and we lost so it didn't really hurt as bad. The next year we won so it was just another win. Once we lost I saw the emotions after the game and how our fans were down. I can remember going to the bowl game, we went to the Peach Bowl that year, and Alabama fans were everywhere.

"Everywhere you go they seemed to be there riding you about that game," Torbor adds. "You just learn to hate them. That victory was the first time it ever hit me and I don't ever want to give them the pleasure of winning on our turf, let alone winning at all. The next time they leave here I hope they have their heads down."

Torbor puts the pressure on Georgia quarterback David Greene in last week's loss to the Bulldogs.

To say that the Tigers are using the game two years ago as fuel for this week is perhaps the understatement of the year. Outside of the locker room and several other places the score 31-7 can be seen and it is something that the players used as motivation last season. Torbor says that nobody on this Auburn team has forgotten that day and won't until they can protect their home field one last time.

"If you go on the bottom floor there's a sign that says ‘Remember The Feeling'," Torbor says. "There is a big difference walking off the field 31-7 than 17-7. Just comparing those two feelings that 31-7 is definitely not anything you want to experience again. They just ran up and down the field on us, they did what they wanted to do. It's something you have to live with for 364 days and we're going to do everything we can not to let that happen again."

Despite a tough season that has seen the Tigers perform much less than impressively in five losses, Torbor says that this season won't be a total loss if his Tigers can get a victory on Saturday. In a game of this magnitude he notes that sometimes it doesn't matter what the records are for the two teams that it's still going to be a big game.

"It's always good to go out on a good note," Torbor says. "Just beating Alabama would end you up on a plus side and give you some positives to look at instead of the negatives from the season."

As one of 13 Auburn seniors playing in their final home game, Torbor has been a key component to Tiger defenses since his freshman season. A player who always plays hard and gives his all, Torbor knows how much this game means to everyone involved and hopes to leave the home field one more time a winner.

"It hit me about two weeks ago," Torbor said. "It seems like yesterday that I got here. I can remember things so vividly. Now it's my last one. It's kind of hard, but we'll get through it."

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