Tuberville Solidifies His Future With Tigers

In front of a large crowd of reporters and supporters, Auburn Coach Tommy Tuberville announced that he would return as the Tigers' Head Coach.

Auburn, Ala.--Coach Tommy Tuberville left little doubt where his loyalty lies on Tuesday as he announced firmly that he plans to return next season and many after that as the coach of Auburn University. An emotional Tuberville had to take a long pause early in his press conference following his meeting with Dr. William Walker and athletic director David Housel, but said that he never considered leaving Auburn and it's where he's always wanted to be.

"We had a very good meeting today, it went well," Tuberville said. "I'm looking forward to coaching the bowl game and …I'm looking forward to being around here for a long time. We talked about a lot of things today. Dr. Walker said he made a major mistake and we talked about it. It basically comes down to communication between him and myself. That's usually what happens. I have no ills feelings towards anybody. We're all in this together. When you win, you win together and when you lose, you lost together.

"This has been tough on the Auburn family. As I said earlier everybody has said a lot of tears. Right or wrong, no matter what happened I think we have all learned from this. I think this is going to pull this family together closer and closer each day. It's not about me, it's about a group of people that love this university and I'm proud of them for that. If it took this to happen for us to become closer together, more than we have over the last century, so be it. I feel like from listening to people that they believe in each other more than ever before."

Tuberville heading into his morning meeting with Dr. William Walker.

Tuberville said no staff changes were discussed at the meeting Monday morning and the coaches are already busy on the recruiting trail getting a jump on the news that everything will remain the same at Auburn. He said that he's looking forward to adding to the talent level at Auburn this season and in years to come.

"I'm looking forward to getting on the recruiting trail and talking to recruits," Tuberville said. "As Dr. Walker will make a statement and going to meet with people I'm looking forward to being here for a long time. I know people are going to use this against us in recruiting, but they better recruit awfully hard because they are going to have to beat me. I'm going to be selling Auburn University and we've got the best university to sell that I've ever tried to work for. This is the place I want to be and we're going to get it done and we are going to win the national championship. You can write that."

Tuberville said that he didn't know of Walker, Housel, Byron Franklin and Earlen McWhorter's trip to Louisville to speak with Bobby Petrino until it came out in the media last week. While he said it has been a difficult week for everyone involved, he said moving forward is the only thing to do right now to ensure that the program stays on steady ground.

"We talked about expectations," Tuberville said of his meeting with Walker. "I totally agree with him. I said when I got there that I wanted to win games. He agreed that our football program is a lot better than it has been and is getting better. In any situation you have to win games and we're going to win games."

Tuberville and his staff now turn their attention to a bowl game and a probable match-up with Wisconsin in the Music City Bowl on New Year's Eve. While many will wonder what thoughts have been running through Tuberville's mind since he found out about the trip to Louisville by Walker and company, he left little doubt where his heart lies on Tuesday.

"I never considered leaving Auburn," Tuberville said. "I came here for a reason. I would never walk out on these kids and the people of this university. If it would have been the people's will that I leave then sure I would have left. We've got tremendous support for this university and this coaching staff that has done a great job. I've got 100 guys that I recruited here and I love them. They have laid it on the line for us and I wouldn't dare walk out on them."

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