Caldwell Ready To Announce Decision

Montgomery's Antoine Caldwell talks about making his college choice.

Montgomery, Ala.--One of Alabama's top offensive line prospects says that he plans to put an end to his recruitment and announce his decision at school on Thursday. Offensive lineman Antoine Caldwell from Robert E. Lee High has improved his stock dramatically since attending several camps last summer and says that he will choose between Auburn and Alabama later this week at a press conference.

"I think I'm going to announce this week," Caldwell tells Inside The Auburn Tigers. It will probably be around Thursday. I've pretty much made my decision, but I'm still talking it over with my parents a little bit and get their input. They've never once had an impact on my decision, but they've supported me all the way through this thing. Without them I don't think I would be as stable as I am right now. I've pretty much made my decision, now I'm just trying to get the time and date right and go ahead and get it off my shoulders."

Antoine Caldwell in action during his senior season.

A visitor to both Auburn and Alabama for camps and games several times in the past few months, the 6-4, 265-pound Caldwell knows both programs inside and out when it comes to the coaches, players and potential for playing time. He says that Auburn's problems in the past few months have actually strengthened what he already knew about Coach Tommy Tuberville and kept the Tigers in the hunt.

"After the whole Coach Tuberville controversy it showed more of his character and I like that a lot," Caldwell says. "From the first time I met him he's been real up front with me and my parents. We're real comfortable around him. That's kind of what I like about Coach Tuberville and the program. When he decided to stay there and not turn his back on his players that was a real plus for Auburn."

While he's shown an obvious interest in Auburn all fall, the same can be said for Alabama as well. Taking part in a summer camp in Tuscaloosa and also watching several Alabama games, Caldwell says it's given him a chance to get close to the coaching staff and that's what he likes about the Crimson Tide.

"Coach Randolph (Alabama defensive ends Coach Paul Randolph), we have a really good relationship," Caldwell says. "It's kind of like father-son. He was up front with me since spring training. He came down to watch me practice and he kind of reached out to me. I'm kind of an Alabama fan, I grew up an Alabama fan. Coach Randolph kind of reached out to me. He got me up there to camp and it seemed like everything worked out with Alabama. Coach Randolph played a big part in the way I feel about Alabama.

"Whenever I make my decision on Thursday personal feelings are not going to get in the way or get involved," Caldwell adds. "I'm just trying to do what's best for me for the next four or five years."

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