Visit To Auburn Thrills Prospect From Florida

There is no doubt that this high school football prospect is high on the Auburn Tigers.

Miami, Fla.--It would be a huge understatement to say that speedy defensive back Carldayle Brantley of Miami Central High School enjoyed his official visit to Auburn this weekend.

"Man, that was the 'funnest' thing I have ever had in my life, dog," Brantley said emphatically. "Man, that was the 'funnest' visit that I ever had. Man, I can't explain it--all I am going to say is that the next school that I go and visit is going to have to top them."

Brantley, who was entertained by former Miami Central High standout Courtney Denson as his player host, said he really enjoyed getting to hang out with the current Auburn players, who he said made him feel like he was already a part of the family.

"I got to meet all types of players," the 6-2 185-pounder with sub 4.5 speed said. "I met Stanley (McClover), Devin (Aromashodu), I met a whole bunch of players. There were so many of them and all of them were so friendly--all of them were cool. All of them treated you like you were a player, like you had already been there."

Along with enjoying his time hanging out with the Tigers, Brantley, who projects to be a safety on the college level, said that he also felt extremely comfortable with the Tigers' coaching staff.

"All of the coaches were cool, I felt comfortable around all of them," he explained. "All of them were real laid back. But, the coaches were real. They were telling me the game plan and stuff like that and I was talking with the head coach and he was asking about my personal life and all of that. They were cool."

Brantley said that there was plenty to do as soon as he arrived in town at 2 p.m. on Friday. After getting picked up at the Auburn Airport by Coach Eddie Gran they checked out their hotel rooms, visited with the coaches, met their player hosts, went out to eat with their player hosts and then went out to a club for the evening with all of the players.

The athletic prospect, who decided to come to the Plains this weekend instead of visiting Nebraska, has a visit on January 30 to Cincinnati and said that he also expects to visit Northeastern, who tried to reach him this weekend, and Florida.

For Brantley, who says that Auburn is the school to beat right now, one of the best things about the visit was that he felt like he could just be himself. "I was just being regular old me and everybody liked it and I am cool with that," Brantley said. "If I can be me somewhere--I mean, what better place to be. That is what I am saying. Any other school is going to have to try their hardest to top that."

Along with all of the other positives on his visit, Brantley, who is an honor student at Miami Central, explained that he was also blown away by the academic situation at Auburn.

"All of the players actually get their education," he said. "Every one of the players leaves with an education, unless they go to the NFL early. And that is something that is real important to me because football is not a promise. And to know that the graduation rate for the football program is higher than the school itself, I was like, that is unbelievable."

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