Prospect Excited By Quick Stop

This prospect took a short but productive visit to the Plains over the weekend.

Buford, Ga.--Neil Brown, the well-traveled lineman from Buford High School, made a quick stop in Auburn for an unofficial visit on Sunday. Brown said that he found plenty of things to keep him busy in a short period of time.

"I got there around nine Sunday morning," the athletic lineman explained. "Then I ate breakfast with Coach Nall (offensive line coach Hugh Nall). Then I went and toured the stadium area and I looked at the locker rooms and all of that.

"Then I went and had a meeting with Coach Nall because he had to fly out a couple of hours later so I talked to him and that was pretty neat. Then I had a meeting with Coach Tuberville (head coach Tommy Tuberville) and then I had a meeting with Coach Dunn (defensive line coach Don Dunn) and then I left."

Neil Brown

The 6-1, 248-pound defensive tackle says that the Auburn coaches have told him that they are recruiting him on both sides of the ball. "When I went up there it was my understanding that they were recruiting me for offense, but they said that they want the best athletes on the field," Brown said. "So, it is my understanding that I would go there on an offensive line scholarship, but I would get a chance to play defense."

Brown said that one of the biggest highlights of his short trip was his meeting with head coach Tommy Tuberville.

"It went pretty good," said the defensive tackle, who had 84 tackles and three sacks this season. "We talked about the situation of me coming in and playing defense maybe, and if things aren't going too well over there being switched over to offense. My impression of him is that he seemed like a real down to earth kind of guy. He talked about how he likes his players--how he doesn't want the players that are going to cause trouble and do bad stuff. He wants some good character guys so if he brings his family around we will be a positive role model for them and that we will be a positive role model for each other."

Brown, who helped lead his team to two state championships, explained that Auburn and Tuberville had another major plus in his book.

"He believes in a family type atmosphere and that is great because I come from a big close knit family," Brown said. "And that is one of the things that I am looking for in the football program because I really don't want to go to school where you have got individuals. You know you have got the quarterbacks and they don't talk to the D linemen and stuff like that. Where I am from we all hung out so that was pretty good because what he said reminds me of my high school."

Despite only having one day to get the feel of the Tigers' program, the Buford high standout says that he had to give his visit solid marks. "I would say about an eight because everything went well," Brown explained. "I got to talk to a business professor and that is what I am looking to major in and that went great and it was just a lot of fun."

The lineman has his fifth and final official visit scheduled for Alabama on the 30th and Brown said that he does not have a leader at this point. He also noted that he would make a decision between Auburn, Alabama, Duke, North Carolina, Tennessee and Michigan Sate either after his Alabama visit or on signing day.

Despite the number of schools still in the running for Mr. Brown's services, the two-way prospect said that the Tigers are very much in the running.

"They are definitely somewhere near the top," he said. "This year I went down there and I got to do the Tiger Walk and that was all great and then we had lost contact. So, I was like well they are not interested in me, so my interest went down a little bit, but now they are back. Having the chance to play defense for Auburn--Auburn has one of the best defenses in the nation. They are known for wreaking havoc and having fun flying to the ball and that is exactly how my high school was. They are in the top. I haven't really sat down and ranked them, but they are pretty high up on my list."

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