'Unlimited Potential' Tight End To Visit Tigers

This athletic big man is headed to the Plains this weekend to check out the Tigers.

Harvey, La.--If you look up the definition of sleeper prospect you might find a picture of Jeremy Jones somewhere nearby.

The 6-4, 285-pound tight end from West Jefferson High School, who will be making an official visit to Auburn this weekend, has only played one year of football due to his love of basketball, but his position coach at West Jefferson, Frank Allelo, says that the big man has unlimited potential.

"If you are familiar with the option game the tight end is running drags and running little pop passes and his highlight tape speaks for itself," Allelo says. "He has only scratched the surface as far being a tremendous football player. The sky is the limit. You know that is a cliché that you hear a lot, but that is a cliché that fits him.

"There is no telling--in four or five years you are going to watch him on Sundays if that is what he really wants to do."

Allelo, who coaches the receivers at West Jefferson High School, also notes that for a guy his size that Jones, who runs a 4.8 forty, can really move.

"He played the season at about 295 then he got down to about 285," the coach says. "The best feet anybody has ever seen on a big man. He can move and that is accredited to his basketball skills. This is his first year playing for us--he has been an All-District, All-Metro basketball player averaging about 25 per game so he is very graceful.

"He is just really starting to realize his strength and his full potential. I think he has only just scratched the surface. He is a tremendous blocker and, like I said, tremendously agile. He probably catches better with one hand than two, even though as a receiver coach nobody likes to see that."

Jeremy Jones

Allelo says that although he does not have the official stats on Jones he thinks the athletic big man had between 25-30 catches and around seven touchdowns for the option based team.

The receiver's coach also says that Jones, whose only season of football was shortened due to an ACL tear, has garnered the interest of quite a few colleges. "LSU, Alabama and Auburn, actually everybody that comes in here wants a piece of him," he says. "I know Tennessee called originally, but they have kind of fallen to the wayside. The four that are probably the frontrunners are LSU, Auburn, Alabama and Mississippi State."

Allelo also explains that Jones, who is in good shape academically, has been a very good surprise for the football program this season. "He is a tremendous kid," Allelo says. "We are very demanding. Accountability is a very big thing for us--not missing and 100 percent on time no matter what we are doing. Paying attention, writing your notes, studying your notes, watching your film and getting on the field and he lived up to any expectations that we had and surpassed them all."

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