New Coordinator Expected To Arrive Soon

An update on the changes in the Auburn football coaching staff is featured.

Auburn, Ala.--The Auburn football team will have a new offensive coordinator for the fourth consecutive season.

On Thursday, head coach Tommy Tuberville made staff changes to open a slot for a new man in that position.

Hugh Nall, who was promoted to the offensive coordinator spot a year ago after Bobby Petrino left for the position of head coach at Louisville, will continue his duties as offensive line coach.

Hugh Nall (left) and QB coach Steve Ensminger were a tag-team play calling duo in 2003.

Cornerback coach Phillip Lolley will take over the post of director of high school and NFL relations, a spot previously held by Jimmy Perry. Perry has been moved to director of football operations, the spot held last year by Eldon Hawley, who was fired by Tuberville. Perry had been handling both jobs in recent months.

Tuberville says he wants to have a new coordinator on board as early as next week with spring training ready to start on Feb. 29th. The head coach met with offensive staff members for several hours on Thursday to inform them of his plans.

"We noticed we didn't have a lot of continuity with what we were doing on offense last season," Tuberville tells Inside the Auburn Tigers. "We tried to do what we thought was best last year by running the same offense that we had run the previous season. However, it is now time to make a change.

"We have two great running backs (Carnell Williams and Ronnie Brown) coming back. We want to make sure we utilize them to the best of our ability. We are looking for somebody to do that."

Tuberville is believed to have looked at candidates with both college and NFL coordinator backgrounds. He says that he is pleased that Nall, who has been with Tuberville's staff going back to their days at Ole Miss, will stay and coach the guards, centers and tackles. "You can't get a better line coach than Hugh Nall," Tuberville says.

"I am going to bring some guys to look at for the offensive coordinator position and hope to have someone hired by next week," the head coach adds.

Tuberville says that the new coordinator will likely coach a position, too, but says that has not been decided. "We will see how we want to structure it," he says. "One thing we want to make sure is that (quarterback) Jason Campbell is well coached. He has had a different guy each year. Going into his last year, I want to make sure he is comfortable whatever we do."

In a prepared statement released on Thursday evening, Tuberville said, "Hugh did a good job running our offense, but we're looking for someone to take us to the next level. We'll look for someone to fit in with our philosophy of a balanced offense and to help us to continue to improve our running game."

Nall issued a statement saying, "I want what is best for our players and Auburn. Therefore, I'm looking forward to concentrating my full attention on the offensive line and helping this team get better."

Lolley, a highly successful football coach in Alabama for 22 years before coming to Auburn, has worn many different hats since joining the AU staff. He arrived in 1999 as an assistant strength coach. He became an on the field coach in 2000 handling the outside linebackers. For the past three seasons he has coached cornerbacks.

Phillip Lolley has coached the secondary and linebackers at AU.

"I'm looking forward to working closely with high school coaches again," Lolley said. "In a sense, I'll be getting back to my roots and I am excited about the new position. I look forward to continuing to serve Auburn in whatever capacity will help us be successful."

Perry came to Auburn in 2000 after a successful run of coaching at Robert E. Lee High in Montgomery. "I really enjoyed working with the high school and NFL coaches for the past three years, but I am looking forward to a new challenge," Perry said. "One of my goals has been to work in athletic administration and this position allows me that opportunity."

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