Borges, Tuberville Discuss AU's Offensive Staff

The article features comments from Al Borges, the Auburn football team's new offensive coordinator, and head coach Tommy Tuberville.

Auburn, Ala.--Al Borges says he sees having former offensive coordinator Hugh Nall on the Auburn coaching staff as a plus rather than a negative.

Nall, the veteran offensive line coach, was promoted to offensive coordinator for the 2003 season after Bobby Petrino left to become football head coach at Louisville. Last week, Auburn head coach Tommy Tuberville announced that Nall would just be the offensive line coach in 2004. Later in the week Tuberville announced that he had hired Indiana University offensive coordinator Al Borges to take over as Auburn's offensive coordinator.

Borges, a veteran of the coaching ranks with a variety of stops at colleges on the West Coast, says that he is looking forward to working with Nall. "I tell you what makes this thing a good situation is that I know Hugh Nall and I know people who know Hugh Nall," Borges says.

"I know what his character is all about and I know where his heart is and I know exactly how good a football coach he is," Borges adds. "That being the case, there is no doubt in my mind and no doubt in his that we can make this thing work. Hugh Nall knows a lot more about the SEC than I know about the SEC. I am going to use him as a sounding board to make decisions. I consider him a great resource. Neither one of our egos are so great we can't handle the situation."

Al Borges checks out offensive formations on his computer Monday at the AU football complex.

Tommy Tuberville says he believes that Borges will fit into the new staff with no problems even though he is taking over Nall's coordinator duties and Steve Ensminger's role as quarterback coach with Ensminger taking over as tight ends coach. Graduate assistant Patrick Moore, who coached tight ends last season, will assist Nall with the offensive line.

"We talked about that before we even brought anybody in," Tuberville says. "One thing you have to do--you have to be able to adjust. For this thing to work, Steve and Hugh had to understand that their role was not going to be as much as what it was. If they couldn't handle, the best for Auburn was to find different people in those situations.

"Both of them are excited, number one, about living in Auburn. They have been part of what we have done here building this program back to where it is at. They want to continue to be part of it. Egos sometimes get involved. These guys' egos will not be effected. If I thought there was any chance for this to be a problem, we would have not done it this way.

"But after sitting down several times and talking with all of the offensive staff, and the direction we were heading, I felt like that everybody could handle this situation. We have several people that were offered jobs by several different people from this offensive and defensive staff this year. They elected to stay. That shows a lot for Auburn. They want to be a part of this university, this community and this team."

Borges has been an offensive coordinator at Indiana the past two years. Prior to that all of his coaching was done out West with stops at Diablo Valley, Portland State, Boise State, Oregon, UCLA and Cal. He was offensive coordinator at each of those colleges.

His job at Auburn, which he started on Monday, is his first in the Southeastern Conference. Borges says he is excited about that.

"For me this is a great opportunity to get into a conference for years and years I have watched," he says. "I know how tough it is. I know week in and week out the battles we are going to deal with.

"The nice thing to know is that the supporting cast is such that I believe you can succeed," Borges says of Auburn. "That is all any coach can ask for. Coaching in the South will be new for me, but I am looking forward to that, too, because I know what kind of enthusiasm there is towards the game of football. It is much like my own. I am a football junkie through and through.

"I don't don't know a carburetor from a toaster oven, but I can coach football," Borges adds. "I believe I can coach football and what better place to do that than a place that is so enthusiastic about it."

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