Auburn Looking To Add Tight End To 2004 Class

Auburn is looking to bolster the tight end position by bringing in a prospect from California for a visit.

San Diego, Cal.--Even though signing day has come and gone, the recruiting process is not over for the Auburn Tigers as a tight end from across the country is scheduled to visit the Plains next weekend. Charles Mullen, a 6-4 ½, 230-pounder from Madison High with 4.8 speed in the 40-yard dash plans to visit Auburn on the weekend of March 5 and his Coach Steve Minor says that Auburn will be getting a good one if Mullen chooses the Tigers.

"He's a tight end slash defensive end," Minor tells Inside The Auburn Tigers. "I see him as a tight end on the college level. He was at Lincoln High School last year and they closed down to refurbish the whole school. He came to our school this year as a new student and a new player to our program. He fit in absolutely fantastic. He's really done a great job.

"In my opinion, I have been coaching high school football for 32 years, he's a real good prospect. I think he's going to be a fine tight end. He's got really good hands. What separates him is that being in our program for just one year he was almost unanimously voted as The Most Inspirational Player on our team. The kids just loved him. He's just a great kid. He comes from a great family. His father is a minister. His mom is great. He's just a great kid."

While he was an All-Harbor League selection as as linebacker his senior season, Mullen didn't have much of a chance to showcase his talents because of an injury suffered early in 2003. In the third game of the season Mullen broke his fibula and didn't return again until the ninth game of the season. Still, Minor says that he made some outstanding plays when he came back despite the lack of a passer in the Madison program.

Despite his size and athletic ability, when signing day came and went no one had offered Mullen a scholarship. "We had some people look and some were interested, but nobody offered him," Minor says. "I was very surprised because he's really a quality ballplayer. I'm sure the injury had something to do with that and the fact that he was coming from one school and went into another school. Not too many people knew about him until this year. I really don't know, but he's going to be a player."

Not a particularly strong player in the weight room when he came to Madison, Mullen has steadily improved that part of his training and Minor says that he's becoming the kind of dedicated player that colleges are looking for to come into their programs. "He's not exceptionally fast for that big of a kid," Minor says. "He's right about a 3.0 GPA. Coming from the school he went to before us they didn't have a real great weight program. That's my main emphasis with him individually is getting him to really get a real good work ethic in the weight room. He's working at it, but he has a ways to go because he's just now understanding what he has to do in the weight room. He played some baseball at Lincoln, but he doesn't want to play because he wants to get himself stronger as he head to the next level."

Following signing day Minor says that he began to send out tapes and make phone calls to several schools hoping to find a place for Mullen to land. Although he hasn't decided which direction he's going yet, Minor says that Mullen has some options on what he can do and should make a decision soon on his future.

"Since we've branched out down your way the University of Cincinnati, Memphis and about four or five schools down in your area of the country have shown interest," Minor says. "I don't remember who the other people were. There were about four of them that have called him and are interested."

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