Football Tigers Making Position Moves

Auburn will return to the football practice field on Tuesday with a variety of position changes and moves on the depth chart.

Auburn, Ala.--Tommy Tuberville says that Brandon Cox will line up as the number two quarterback when the Tigers return to the practice field on Tuesday after a two-day break from spring training.

"Brandon is number two, but mark him down on the depth chart in pencil--with an eraser," Auburn's head football coach says.

Cox and fellow redshirt freshman Kelcy Luke are competing for the number two spot behind returning starter Jason Campbell. "Both players did some good things last week and in the scrimmage, but both made way too many mistakes," Tuberville says. "We want both of them to improve this week."

Brandon Cox rolls out to pass in Saturday's scrimmage.

The Tigers have completed six of their 15 spring practice dates and there are other moves up and down the depth chart as well as position changes. The Tigers have a full pads workout scheduled for 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday and will have another major scrimmage on Saturday.

When the Tigers hit the practice field again there will be other changes on the offensive depth chart. Junior Devin Aromashodu will be first string at one wide receiver, moving ahead of Silas Daniels. "Devin had a good week of practice," Tuberville says. "He was more aggressive out there and that is what we wanted to see."

Another wide receiver impressed the coaches. Courtney Taylor, a redshirt sophomore, is now a first stringer ahead of Ben Obomanu, the returning starter.

Another change on offense is that juniors Marcus McNeill and Troy Reddick are swapping positions. Reddick is moving to right tackle and McNeill to left tackle. Reddick started at guard last year.

Another junior lineman, Steven Ross, is expected to see some practice time at center this week behind Jeremy Ingle. Ross has been working at tackle, but can also play tight end and guard.

Jarrod Britt, a guard last year who has practiced at tackle, is likely to miss the rest of spring after having his knee scoped on Monday after being hurt last week. He missed the major scrimmage on Saturday.

A player who was injured in the scrimmage, strongside linebacker Derrick Graves, got good news when his knee injury was diagnosed as a sprain. "We are hoping to get Derrick back before long," says linebacker coach Joe Whitt. "Derrick has been playing very well this spring." Graves was running number one on the depth chart ahead of Kevin Sears when he was hurt on Saturday.

One of Whitt's new linebackers, sophomore Karibi Dede, is moving from weakside to strongside linebacker and former weakside linebacker Antarrious Williams, a junior, is moving back to the weakside LB spot after a week-long experiment at safety.

Kevin Hobbs, who started seven games at cornerback last season, is getting a look at free safety this week.

Dede played safety last season as a redshirt freshman. "Karibi is doing a good job at linebacker," Tuberville says. "We are going to keep looking at him as a linebacker."

Another linebacker got good news. Kevis Burnam, who has been recovering from knee surgery, will join the battle for playing time at middle linebacker this week. "Kevis has been cleared for contact," Tuberville says. "We are going to watch closely to see if he can make a move to win the starting job there." Mayo Sowell, a senior, plus redshirt freshman Quentin Groves and junior Lemarcus Rowell are in the middle linebacker mix.

In addition to Dede, another defensive player stood out in the scrimmage and in the first week of practice. "Wayne Dickens is playing better than he ever has since he got to Auburn," Tuberville says of the junior tackle. "That has been good to see and we hope it continues."

Dickens is the number one defensive tackle this week ahead of Jay Ratliff and Tez Doolittle. Timmy Duckworth, who played tackle last week, is getting a look at noseguard this week.

This is the new depth chart for week two of spring football practice:


44 Jake Slaughter (6-2, 237, Jr.)

45 Chris Chappell (6-2, 223, RFr.)

47 Andrew Turman (6-0, 234, RFr.)


24 Carnell Williams (5-11, 204, Sr.)

23 Ronnie Brown (6-1, 232, Sr.)

22 Tre Smith (5-10, 200, Jr.)

32 Carl Stewart (6-1, 212, RFr.)

41 Kenny Irons (5-11, 191, So.)


17 Jason Campbell (6-5, 228, Sr.)

12 Brandon Cox (6-2, 196, RFr.)

16 Kelcy Luke (6-0, 199, RFr.)

Wide Receiver

86 Courtney Taylor (6-2, 195, So.)

2 Ben Obomanu (6-1, 193, Jr.)

Left Tackle

73 Marcus McNeill (6-9, 340, Jr.)

77 King Dunlap (6-8, 290, RFr.)

78 Rich Trucks (6-8, 320, Sr.)

Left Guard

69 Ben Grubbs (6-3, 289, So.)

79 Jonathan Palmer (6-5, 317, So.)

64 Rhett Autrey (6-4, 283, Jr.)


67 Jeremy Ingle (6-2, 275, Sr.)

63 Will Ward (6-2, 270, So.)

Right Guard

68 Danny Lindsey (6-3, 306, Sr.)

61 Thomas Anderson (6-7, 322, Sr.)

Right Tackle

66 Troy Reddick (6-5, 327, Jr.)

74 Steven Ross (6-6, 275, Jr.)

Tight End

8 Cooper Wallace (6-4, 253, Jr.)

87 Cole Bennett (6-5, 244, So.)

84 Rick Pollard (6-2, 234, So.)

Wide Receiver

1 Devin Aromashodu (6-2, 205, Jr.)

85 Silas Daniels (6-0, 193, Sr.)

6 Jamoga Ramsey (5-10, 162, So.)

Wide Receiver

9 Anthony Mix (6-5, 242, Jr.)

25 Lee Guess (5-10, 177, So.)

21 Craig Williams (5-10, 199, So.)

Defensive End

94 Bret Eddins (6-5, 267, Sr.)

98 Doug Langenfeld (6-3, 254, Sr.)


58 T.J. Jackson (6-1, 304, Jr.)

97 Josh Thompson (6-0, 295, RFr.)

93 Tim Duckworth (6-3, 308, So.)

Defensive Tackle

96 Wayne Dickens (6-1, 297, Jr.)

83 Jay Ratliff (6-5, 278, Sr.)

99 Tez Doolittle (6-3, 298, RFr.)

Defensive End

48 Marquies Gunn (6-4, 234, So.)

75 Stanley McClover (6-2, 252, So.)

Strong Linebacker

40 Kevin Sears (6-4, 236, So.)

21 Karibi Dede (6-1, 206, So.)

Middle Linebacker

57 Mayo Sowell (6-2, 225, Sr.)

54 Quentin Groves (6-3, 239, RFr.)

56 Lemarcus Rowell (6-3, 218, Jr.)

52 Kevis Burnam (6-2, 236, Jr.)

Weakside Linebacker

51 Travis Williams (6-1, 209, Jr.)

31 Antarrious Williams (5-11, 208, Jr.)

55 Montavian Collier (6-2, 219, Fr.)


14 Carlos Rogers (6-1, 194, Sr.) 26 Lamel Ages (5-9, 187, Sr.) 5 Courtney Denson (5-11, 198, RFr.) Strong Safety

4 Junior Rosegreen (6-0, 196, Sr.)

10 Donnay Young (6-0, 204, Sr.)

39 Andrew Letts (6-1, 202, Jr.)

Free Safety

35 Will Herring (6-4, 212, So.)

33 Eric Brock (6-1, 203, RFr.)

49 Kevin Hobbs (6-0, 183, Jr.)


19 Montavis Pitts (6-3, 203, So.)

3 David Irons (6-1, 183, Jr.)

20 Patrick Lee (6-0, 193, RFr.)


30 Kody Bliss (5-11, 193, So.)

37 John Vaughn (6-1, 196, So.)


37 John Vaughn (6-1, 196, So.)

18 Philip Yost (6-0, 195, Sr.)

Deep Snapper

62 Pete Compton (6-6, 232, RFr.)

95 Chas Crofoot (6-2, 187, Jr.)

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