Q&A With Auburn Safety Donnay Young

Saturday is going to be a big day for redshirt freshman free safety Donnay Young.

Auburn, Ala.--This week's Tiger Ticket Q&A features Donnay Young, a redshirt freshman from College Park, Ga., who is expected to make his first college start on Saturday vs. Georgia. He is moving into the free safety spot where junior Stanford Simmons has been the starter.

Donnay Young

Mark Murphy: Are you excited about Saturday's game?

Donnay Young: "It is going to be a big game for me, and for the rest of us. This is a game we need to win if we are going to accomplish what we want to accomplish in the SEC."

Mark Murphy: Have the Tigers had a good week of practice?

Donnay Young: "They have been really good. We are really picking it up because we know how big our last three games are. The Georgia game is a big rivalry for us and it is on the road."

Mark Murphy: Have you been to a lot of games in Athens?

Donnay Young: "I would say I have been there about three times with my high school coach and I went to their kicking camp my ninth grade year. I was going to be the kicker for my high school so I went over there."

Mark Murphy: Several of your high school teammates play for the Bulldogs. Do you stay in touch with them?

Donnay Young: "D.J. Shockley and Cap Burnett graduated from the same high school that I did. I talked to them during the off-week. They were at home and we discussed the game and had a little fun."

Mark Murphy: What do you think you have done to catch Coach Lovett's eye to earn your first start?

Donnay Young: "I have just been trying to work hard each and every day in practice and hope it carries over into the games. I just try to stay calm and make sure everybody is on the right page with the calls."

Mark Murphy: Do you feel that you know what to do in every situation?

Donnay Young: "Yes, I do. I need to read my keys and focus on what I need to focus on and everything will come."

Mark Murphy: Are you excited about playing Georgia and what do you expect from the Bulldogs?

Donnay Young: "Being from Georgia, going over there is going to be big to me. We have been watching a lot of film. They have a nice offense so we have to be ready for what they like to do. It is important that we execute and tackle well. That is what we did not do in the two games we lost. We need to get a lot of people running to the ball on every play. We have spent a lot of practice time on tackling. Hopefully, it will carry over to the game.

"We have a lot of people from Georgia on defense. It is important for us because we have to go over there and hear about it if we lose. That is is in addition to it being big for us to win the SEC West."

Mark Murphy: What was the last game you started?

Donnay Young: "It was my senior year against Sandy Creek High. Wow, that is hard to believe it has been that long! It should be nice."

Are you excited about getting the chance to make your first college start in a big rivalry game like this one that is on national TV?

Donnay Young: "I am going to have a lot of friends and family who can't come to the game watching and supporting me. I also have friends who go to Georgia. They will be booing and all of that, but it will be fun. I am only going to have four tickets. A lot of people on the team are using their tickets so they are hard to get."

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