AU Defender Eyeing A Future In The NFL

This former Tiger defender talks about his workout for NFL scouts at Auburn's Pro Day on the AU campus.

Auburn, Ala.--For Reggie Torbor the last three months have been a grueling process to say the least. Training every day to prepare for a chance at the NFL has been taxing, but Monday the biggest test came and went with a flourish.

Running well and showing excellent agility, Torbor says that having to audition in front of more than 100 NFL scouts was nerve-wracking, but it is something that he enjoyed doing.

f "It was a good experience," Torbor says. "I just wanted to come out and do the best that I can. You can't be something you're not so I wanted to come out and make a good impression. I pulled my hamstring a little bit, but luckily the Lord blessed me and it wasn't bad. I didn't do the shuttles like I wanted to and I had to drop out of them, but sometimes you have to think of what's important. I knew they wanted to see me move so I just kind of stretched out and got ready for that. It went pretty good."

Measuring in at just over 6 feet three inches tall, Torbor weighed in at 254 pounds. He ran a time of 4.57 seconds in the 40-yard dash, which is very fast for a player of his size. Even more impressive was Torbor's work in the linebacker drills alongside fellow Auburn teammates Dontarrious Thomas and Karlos Dansby. Expected to make the move to linebacker like former Tiger Marcus Washington did when he joined the NFL, Torbor says he didn't feel out of place at linebacker.

"I didn't feel strange because I had been working on it some," Torbor says. "I kind of got a heads-up that I was going to have to do it because I had talked to some of the scouts. It went pretty well considering I haven't played that. I think I did pretty good."

Torbor works out for a horde of NFL scouts on Pro Day in Auburn.

The workout the linebackers went through was a grueling one that featured every conceivable situation for the players such as reading the ball, pass drops and covering the field. Torbor says the Pro Day went about as expected, but there was one thing he wasn't as prepared for as he should have been.

"I wasn't surprised at how long they worked us out, but it was real rapid fire," Torbor says. "It was like boom-boom-boom and it was only me, D.T. (Dontarrious Thomas) and Karlos (Dansby). By the time we came back from running we were back in line. I think they do that on purpose and to see where you're head is at and see if you can fight through some things. We made it and I'm still living."

In addition to his workout at linebacker, Torbor also showed his endurance by going through the majority of the drills for the defensive linemen. One particular drill was particularly tough for Torbor, Spencer Johnson, Demarco McNeil and Dexter Murphy and that was a test to see how well the players used their hands. The equivalent of a karate exhibition, the drill was an endurance test for the players and Torbor says it showed him some things he needs to work on.

"I know that's something I have to get better at," Torbor says. "I think I did pretty good today. I talked to some guys in the league and they just say it's hand-to-hand combat basically and the better you can use your hands the better you will be. The great ones can do it."

Now it's basically all over except for possible private workouts for Torbor and other Auburn players as they wait on pins and needles for a phone call on draft day that will begin the road to a dream for many of them, playing in the NFL. Torbor says until that day comes he's going to take advantage of every opportunity to get some rest because the next three months could be just as hectic.

"I'm hearing from guys, but I don't really know where I'm going," Torbor says. "The higher the better. A couple of coaches have told me they want to come back down and see me do some things. It has been a long three months so now I'm just going to try to rest some without losing anything. Then I'll just wait by the phone."

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