Homecoming Special for Tiger QB

Daniel Cobb talks about his return to Sanford Stadium.

Atlanta, Ga.--Daniel Cobb, the senior quarterback who says that he normally doesn't get nervous, admitted he was nervous on Saturday.

After two seasons away from Athens, Ga., where he spent his freshman and sophomore collegiate years, he finally got a chance to play quarterback at Sanford Stadium in a college football game. Cobb said there is no doubt in his mind that it was a great, great feeling for the senior from Marietta, Ga.

Daniel Cobb threw for 193 yards vs. UGA.

"I was nervous in the pre-game meal and this morning," Cobb said. "But once I got over here to the stadium and walked around the stadium I was ready to play. It was time to take care of business.

Before the game Cobb said he was joking that he didn't need to have any flashbacks to his first two years as a college quarterback and start throwing to guys in red jerseys. After the game, he said he didn't have a chance to get a piece of the famous Georgia hedges to take home as a keepsake, but he said with a grin, "I think I can find a teammate to share some with me."

Offensive coordinator and quarterback coach Noel Mazzone, who made the decision with Tommy Tuberville to bench Cobb in the third quarter after an interception, said he was proud of how responded when he got the second call. "I thought Daniel really played well in the second half," Mazzone said. "I thought he really grew up tonight."

Mazzone said another Tiger grew up, too, sophomore offensive tackle Monreko Crittenden, who had to go almost the entire game when Mark Pera was lost early with an ankle injury. The first two quarters, the 6-5, 350-pounder was embarrassed by quick defensive end Charles Grant.

"We challenged Monreko to step up and play better in the second half and he did that and helped us win the game," Mazzone said.

Cobb said there wasn't much trash-talking out on the field and said that it was fun playing in a game in which he knew so many players on the opposite team. "A lot of guys on both teams know each other and that makes it special for guys on both sides who want to play good against each other," Cobb said.

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