"The Pig" A Prospect Worthy Of Attention

Columbus, Georgia is loaded with talent for the 2005 recruiting season and this prospect may be one of the best of the bunch.

Columbus, Ga.--Pacelli High, which rolled to 11-1 record last season, is loaded with Division I football talent this year and Kalvin "Pig" Baker could turn out to be the best of the bunch when everything is said and done.

Baker is a 6-2, 228-pound outside linebacker with 4.5 speed and has plenty of ability to make big plays. "He had 29 sacks last year," Pacelli coach Kevin Pettis said about Baker's junior season. "He led the state of Georgia in all classifications."

The linebacker, who often walks up on the line of scrimmage, also had some other great numbers his junior year, including one truly amazing distinction. "He had 122 tackles and he also had 19 tackles for a loss," Pettis said. "He had more negative yards--he tackled people, sacks and all, for more negative yards than five teams we played this season. He had more sacks and tackles for loss yardage than Brookstone, Stewart-Quitman, Central-Talbotton, Lanier County and Our Lady of Mercy had combined."

Kalvin "Pig" Baker

Pettis noted that Baker uses his speed to make lots of those big plays for the Vikings. He went on to say that the standout linebacker is even a touch faster than his highly touted running back teammate, Matt Dunham, though both are legitimate 4.5 40 guys, he said.

"Pig just brings so much to the table," Pettis explained. "He has just been a pleasure to have around. He practices just as hard as he plays in a game. He is going to get after your butt from whistle to whistle--from buzzer to buzzer, he is just a phenomenal player."

With those gaudy numbers, his good speed and his propensity for the big play it is no surprise that Baker is receiving a lot of attention from colleges throughout the country. "I have heard from Maryland, Georgia, Auburn, Georgia Tech, Penn State and Mississippi State," Baker said.

The six-foot-two linebacker also plays basketball for the Vikings and said he averages in double figures scoring while playing the small and power forward positions.

As for how Baker got his interesting nickname, Pettis said that story is an oldie, but a goodie. "They have been calling him pig since birth," his coach explained. "His mother or his aunt named him when they brought him back from the hospital. You know, how they wrap you up so tight and they said he was just such a fat little baby that he looked like a pig in a blanket and he just ate like crazy when he was a baby. So, they just started calling him Pig and that is what everybody calls him. Pig Baker, sounds like a football player doesn't it."

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