Tuberville Wants To See All-Around Improvement

A look at 2004 Auburn football team is featured with comments from the head coach.

Auburn, Ala.--The A-Day scrimmage and the final practices of spring training had little effect on the Auburn football team's depth chart. However, Coach Tommy Tuberville warns his players that who is first string now will be very subject to change when the Tigers take the field again for preseason drills in August.

"There will be a major battle in two-a-days for half of the starting and backup positions," Tuberville says. "This will be one of the youngest teams we have had, but it will be one of the most athletic teams from top to bottom.

"We will have more depth, but most of that depth hasn't played a lot so there is not a lot of experience," Tuberville adds. "This team will have a chance to grow up as the season progresses."

Tailback Ronnie Brown, who will be a senior this season, scores in Auburn's victory over Tennessee last fall.

Offensively, junior Marcus McNeill has returned to the top of the depth chart at left tackle ahead of redshirt freshman King Dunlap, a player who Tuberville says had a strong spring. McNeill, a two-year starter, is the favorite to make it three in a row as long as back problems that have limited his practice time stay under control.

Offensive line coach Hugh Nall lists 6-3, 299 sophomore Jarrod Britt, who missed much of spring practice with an injury, as number two on the depth chart behind senior Danny Lindsey at right guard. Thomas Anderson, a 6-7, 322 senior, has been trying to move up the depth chart and is listed No. 3 at the right guard position going into the season.

Courtney Taylor finished spring drills number one on the depth chart as a wide receiver.

"With a new offensive coordinator in Al Borges, I thought they did a good job of implementing the essential aspects of our offense," Tuberville says. "We have a lot of work to do in technique and fundamentals. We didn't get as much of the playbook put in as we wanted. When you have new ideas and a new coordinator, you have to go at a snail's pace at first. Hopefully, in two-a-days, we can pick it up."

Tuberville says that he was pleased with what he saw from backup quarterback Brandon Cox, who will be the top backup to Jason Campbell. He also says that No. 3 quarterback, Kelcy Luke, improved in the spring.

Defensively, David Irons, a junior juco transfer, is number one at cornerback ahead of sophomore Montae Pitts in what was a close battle all spring. The competition for the starting spot continue in August.

Kevin Hobbs, a junior walk-on, has moved up to second team at free safety behind sophomore Will Herring and ahead of redshirt freshman Eric Brock.

Linebacker Travis Williams is the leading tackler among the returnees on defense.

Tuberville says two young defensive linemen had strong springs--end Stanley McClover and noseguard Josh Thompson. McClover moved up to first team on the depth chart and Thompson is pushing junior Tommy Jackson. A third redshirt freshman defender, Quentin Groves, impressed Tuberville at middle linebacker where he is a backup to senior Mayo Sowell.

"The defense seemed to struggle in our (spring) scrimmages," Tuberville says. "A lot of that was because we didn't allow them to run a lot of different fronts and coverages. We played a lot of base defense. I believe in technique and fundamentals. Once you're able to learn your fundamentals and techniques, then you can be a much better blitzing team. You have to have something to fall back on.

"We were more of a technique team in spring when we did blitz," Tuberville adds. "When we did a lot of different things, we played sound defense. I don't believe in tricking people on defense. I believe in being sound and teaching solid defense."

In the kicking game, Tiger coaches put sophomore John Vaughn as the first string field goal kicker ahead of senior Philip Yost. However, that battle is expected to continue in preseason. Yost is expected to begin preseason drills as the No. 1 kickoff man.

"I thought we made a lot of improvement on both sides of the ball and in the kicking game," Tuberville says of spring drills. "We have some big holes to fill in our defense and a couple with our offense. We're losing a great wide receiver, two offensive linemen and a fullback.

Carnell Williams joins Ronnie Brown to give the Tigers a talented tandem of tailbacks.

"I thought with a lot of youth on the field, there was a lot of enthusiasm," Tuberville adds. "With enthusiasm, you can have improvement. I think we have a chance to have a team with a lot of depth."

Freshmen are scheduled to report to campus by August 5th and the entire squad is due on campus the next day. Full pads practices begin on August 11 and the season opener is Sept. 4th at home vs. Louisiana-Monroe.

2004 Auburn Post-Spring Depth Chart



44 Jake SLaughter (6-2, 237, Jr.)

47 Andrew Turman (6-0, 234, RFr.)

45 Chris Chappell (6-2, 223, RFr.)


24 Carnell Williams (5-11, 204, Sr.)

23 Ronnie Brown (6-1, 232, Sr.)

22 Tre Smith (5-10, 200, Jr.) Or

32 Carl Stewart (6-1, 212, RFr.)


17 Jason Campbell (6-5, 228, Sr.)

12 Brandon Cox (6-2, 196, RFr.)

16 Kelcy Luke (6-0, 199, RFr.)

Wide Receiver

1 Devin Aromashodu (6-2, 205, Jr.)

2 Ben Obomanu (6-1, 193, Jr.)

82 Maurice Anderson (6-3, 203, RFr.)

Left Tackle

73 Marcus McNeil (6-9, 340, Jr.)

77 King Dunlap (6-8, 290, RFr.)

64 Rhett Autry (6-4, 283, Jr.)

Left Guard

69 Ben Grubbs (6-3, 289, So.)

79 Jonathan Palmer (6-5, 317, So.)


67 Jeremy Ingle (6-2, 275, Sr.)

74 Steven Ross (6-6, 275, Jr.)

63 Will Ward (6-2, 270, So.)

50 Joe Cope (6-0, 268, So.

Right Guard

68 Danny Lindsey (6-3, 306, Sr.)

71 Jarrod Britt (6-3, 299, So.)

61 Thomas Anderson (6-7, 322, Sr.)

Right Tackle

66 Troy Reddick (6-5, 327, Jr.)

78 Rich Trucks (6-8, 320, Sr.)

60 George Vallone (6-2, 273, So.)

Tight End

8 Cooper Wallace (6-4, 253, Jr.)

87 Cole Bennett (6-5, 244, So.)

81 Kyle Derozan (6-3, 252, So.)

Wide Receiver

86 Courtney Taylor (6-2, 195, So.)

85 Silas Daniels (6-0, 193, Sr.)

6 Jamoga Ramsey (5-10, 162, So.)

Wide Receiver

9 Anthony Mix (6-5, 242, Jr.)

25 Lee Guess (5-10, 177, So.)


Defensive End 94 Bret Eddins (6-5, 267, Sr.)

98 Doug Langenfeld (6-3, 254, Sr.)

99 Tez Doolittle (6-3, 298, RFr.)


58 T.J. Jackson (6-1, 304, Jr.)

97 Josh Thompson (6-0, 295, RFr.)

93 Tim Duckworth (6-3, 308, So.)

Defensive Tackle

83 Jay Ratliff (6-5, 278, Sr.)

96 Wayne Dickens (6-1, 297, Jr.)

Defensive End

75 Stanley McClover (6-3, 252, So.)

48 Marquies Gunn (6-4, 234, So.)

Strong Linebacker

40 Kevin Sears (6-4, 236, So.)

29 Derrick Graves (6-1, 222, Sr.)

21 Karibi Dede (6-1, 206, So.)

Middle Linebacker

57 Mayo Sowell (6-2, 225, Sr.)

54 Quentin Groves (6-3, 239, RFr.)

52 Kevis Burnam (6-2, 236, Jr.)

Weak Linebacker

51 Travis Williams (6-1, 209, Jr.)

31 Antarrious Williams (5-11, 208, Jr.)

55 Montavian Collier (6-2, 219, Fr.)


14 Carlos Rogers (6-1, 194, Sr.)

26 Lamel Ages (5-9, 187, Sr.)

5 Courtney Denson (5-11, 198, RFr.)

20 Patrick Lee (6-0, 193, RFr.)

Strong Safety

4 Junior Rosegreen (6-0, 196, Sr.)

10 Donnay Young (6-0, 204, Sr.)

39 Andrew Letts (6-1, 202, Jr.)

Free Safety

35 Will Herring (6-4, 212, So.)

49 Kevin Hobbs (6-0, 183, Jr.)

33 Eric Brock (6-1, 203, RFr.)


3 David Irons (6-1, 183, Jr.)

19 Montavious Pitts (6-3, 203, So.)

Special Teams


30 Kody Bliss (5-11, 193, So.)

37 John Vaughn (6-1, 196, So.)


37 John Vaughn (6-1, 196, So.)

18 Philip Yost (6-0, 195, Sr.)

Deep Snapper

62 Pete Compton (6-6, 232, RFr.)

95 Chas Crofoot (6-2, 187, Jr.)

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