What Went Wrong With Offense?

Tiger coach Tommy Tuberville talks about his team's offensive shortcomings on Saturday vs. Bama.

Auburn, Ala.--Tommy Tuberville said his offense didn't have any consistency vs. Alabama. He could have also added it was lacking in big plays, too.

That combination, along with a season's worst performance by the Tiger defense, led to a stunning 31-7 loss to a 4-5 Alabama team on Saturday at Jordan-Hare Stadium.

"We looked like we did a few weeks ago (at Arkansas)," Tuberville said. "We couldn't put anything together. We couldn't get the ball down the field...probably one of our worst efforts.

"They run a lot of things on defense. They try to give you bad plays. We knew we were going to have some bad plays, but we told them we were going to have to swap it off and make our big plays and we didn't do it."

Auburn's longest play of the game was a 35-yard pass and run by Joe Walkins against a defense that had previously shown it had more holes in it than a pound of swiss cheese.

The biggest play from the running game was a 25-yarder from Carnell "Cadillac" Williams on the opening series on which he was injured and lost for the rest of the game. The next longest running play was an eight-yarder by Ronnie Brown.

Ronnie Brown runs vs. the Crimson Tide.

Commenting on the Alabama defense, Tuberville said the Tide front seven has played solid football this season. "They have given up a lot of passing yards," he said of the now 5-5 Tide. "Our protection broke down and when Carnell went out of the game we just couldn't get the ball down the field. Daniel (Cobb) struggled a little bit. It was just one of those days."

Cobb hit 9-17 passes for 139 yards with no interceptions. Backup Jason Campbell hit seven of seven for 92 yards. Tuberville said the quarterback starting job will be re-evaluated with two weeks before the Tigers play their makeup game vs. LSU on Dec. 1st. "We are going to look hard at that," Tuberville said. The Tigers are scheduled to practice again on Sunday.

Tuberville said that Bama's defense showed more aggressiveness by blitzing the Auburn quarterbacks rather than staying back in zones and waiting for the opposing passer to make a mistake. "We tried to," Tuberville said when asked why the Tigers did not throw the ball more. "Our protection broke down...They weren't going to play zone and let guys run free in their secondary. They blitzed and they executed and we didn't. You have got to take advantage of that."

Auburn didn't and suffered a stunning 31-7 loss to the Crimson Tide.

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