The Beat Goes On For Peach State Prospect

This growing offensive line prospect is interested in several SEC programs, including Auburn.

Fort Valley, Ga.--When Trevor Scott was in junior high school, he pounded on the snare drum. Now that he is getting ready for his senior season at Peach County High, he specializes in pounding on defensive linemen and linebackers.

An athletic offensive tackle with quick feet, Scott has blossomed into a major college prospect. That is quite a progression for a lineman who didn't start playing the game until he joined the freshman team as an out of shape and overweight ninth grader.

Now, at 6-2 2/5, 260 pounds and still growing, Scott looks to be one of the more interesting prospects in the state of Georgia for the 2005 signing class. He has good feet and runs very well with a 40-yard dash time in the 5.0 range.

"To tell you the truth, my dad made me play football," Scott says with a smile. "I wanted to play in the band. I started playing football and I began to like it so I just stuck with it. Then when I learned that I could get a scholarship by playing football, I decided that is what I wanted to do."

The big lineman has not completely given up music, but notes, "I don't play the drums as much as I play football, but I do it every once in a while."

Trevor Scott

Peach County High head coach Rance Gillespie says, "Trevor will be a three-year starter for us this season. He started at right tackle as a sophomore. He is a kid who really changed a lot from his ninth to his 10th grade year. For a big guy he is really athletic. He is real strong. He is benching over 330 and he has a good power clean. He did 20 reps of 185 pounds on the bench press at the MSL combine in Atlanta.

"He throws the shot on the track team and has a lot of skill for a guy his size. He has got long arms and he is a good pass blocker. He comes off the ball real well and is a good base blocker."

Gillespie notes that in addition to Auburn, coaches from Florida, LSU and Georgia have expressed interest in the offensive lineman. "Those are the guys who have been through and recruiting is just getting cranked up," the coach notes. "It is still early and I am sure more colleges will be interested."

Scott says his coach is right on target with the player's early favorites. "I am interested Auburn. I am also interested in Georgia, Florida and LSU. I think that is about it." The tackle says he hasn't decided on what he will major in as a college student, but is currently is considering mass communications.

Peach County High is expected to have a strong team this year after making a run in the 2003 state playoffs. "We need to get a few bugs worked out and we can make it back," Scott says. To help his team to do that, he plans on training over the summer. "I am working on getting stronger, faster and better," he notes.

Scott has been an offensive right tackle at PCHS, but he has quick enough feet to play on defense if he is needed there. "Our guys don't normally play both ways unless we absolutely have to," Gillespie says. "Trevor could go over and play some defensive end. He has practiced over there some, but we don't ever play him there."

Scott says that he wants to add 10 pounds between now and the start of his senior season in August. "I want to get to 270 at least," says the lineman, who adds, "I think I am going to grow taller."

In addition to competing for the track team, he may try to become a three-sport athlete as a senior. "I am thinking that I might play basketball, too," he says.

Auburn is also recruiting Scott's teammate, linebacker Darius Dewberry. Peach County's head coach says he enjoys being around both Scott and Dewberry. "They are both great kids," Gillespie says. "Both are outstanding. They are the kind of kids I would trust my own daughter with and they are the kind of young men who I wouldn't mind them baby-sitting my own child."

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