Inside the Auburn Tigers Chat Tonight!

With four straight days of some of the top football prospects in the South being on Auburn's campus, there is a lot to catch up on! <b>Join us for an Inside the Auburn Tigers Chat Monday at 8 p.m. CDT. </b>

Passing Camp was at Auburn on Thursday and Friday, which included teams from all over the South. Players made names for themselves in a hurry, and some players performed up to expectations.

After the passing tournament on Thursday and Friday, more than 300 players attended the Auburn Junior/Senior Camp. Who was there? Who stood out? Who likes Auburn?

That's a lot of information, and it's time for a Chat! Join the experts from Inside the Auburn Tigers as well as TheInsiders' Recruiting Scouts Scott Kennedy and Ryan Jordan for an Inside look at the Summer Camps and more.

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Don't forget to keep an eye on the Hot News. With all of the camps going on this summer, it's going to be recruiting update after recruiting update today and all week!

There is no such thing as the "Offseason" in college football! We look forward to seeing you tonight!

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