Q&A With Roderick Hood

Junior cornerback Roderick Hood discusses the Auburn football team and its game at LSU.

Editor's Note: This week's question and answer session with editor Mark Murphy features former walk-on Roderick Hood, a starting cornerback for the Tigers. Hood has started two games at rover when Rashaud Walker was injured and seven at left cornerback.

Roderick Hood

Mark Murphy: Tell us about the team's frame of mind as you get ready to play in Baton Rouge?

Roderick Hood: "This is the best week of practice we've had all year. The boys are up, they know what's on the line. I mean, from the scout team on up, everybody knows what's at stake. We know we haven't played good so we're looking forward to the opportunity to perform to the task. And we know we haven't played good on the road. We're looking forward to that. We're ready."

Mark Murphy: Do you remember many practices as spirited as your recent ones?

Roderick Hood:"Everybody's ready. I mean, everybody down to the managers, all the way up to the head coach. We're ready and we're looking forward to the opportunity."

Roderick Hood has three interceptions this season.

Mark Murphy: LSU's is going to be a real challenge for you in particular as a defensive back because they're a hot offensive team?

Roderick Hood: "They've got some receivers that can really catch the ball. They've been throwing the ball better. They have the best--I mean he's one of the best quarterback--in the conference. And they've got some of the best receivers in the conference. It is going to be really tough in the secondary for our defense as a whole. I think we've just got to eliminate the big plays and stop the run."

Mark Murphy: Do you think you will be covering Brandon Reed or Michael Clayton more? Also, what is your opinion of those wide receivers?

Roderick Hood: "The important thing for us is t match up and come after them. I mean, I'm going to get some looks at Reed, and I am going to get some looks at Clayton. I think everybody's going to see Reed. But the main thing is, it's not about Reed, or it's not about Clayton. It is about us. If we go out there and handle our business the way the coaches have been coaching us all year, then it's hard for us to be beat."

Mark Murphy: "Is that the attitude you guys took into the Florida game?

Roderick Hood: "Exactly. The same way we played against Jabar Gaffney and Reche Caldwell and Taylor Jacobs. All three are great receivers, but we knew that we believed in our destiny. And, we said, we'd go out there and handle our responsibilities and everything will come out good. And I think if we do that this game, we will have a great chance to win the game and go back to the SEC Championship Game."

Mark Murphy: Is it fun, as a competitor, to go into Baton Rouge in a situation like this where there are going to be 90,000 fans screaming, national TV and a spot in the league championship game riding on it?

Roderick Hood: "To be honest, I've never played in a game with so much at stake. I mean, the atmosphere--we're going into 90-plus and to see that and to know what's at stake, that is why you play college football. This is what you play Division I football for. We know what is at stake. That is why we have been practicing so hard and looking forward to it."

Mark Murphy: Do you think your team will handle the intensity of the situation?

Roderick Hood: "We have got to handle the situation. We're going to go into this game knowing that we're are going to do our best to step up to the challenge."

Roderick Hood has 29 tackles this season with three for losses including one sack.

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