Rogers Back, But Not 100 Percent Yet

Carlos Rogers talks about being back in action after suffering an injury early during preseason practice.

Auburn, Ala.--Carlos Rogers returned to the field on Sunday after suffering a sprained MCL in his knee early in preseason workouts. However, the senior notes that he is still a long way from being 100 percent.

"I am a little bit above 50 percent," Rogers explains. "It's timid a little bit and it is still kind of sore, and then it is a mind thing too and I have got to get over that and go on and react to stuff--not thinking about my knee."

Rogers also says the he is still feeling the effects of the painful knee injury. "It still hurts," he notes. "I just had to get out there and loosen up and not think about the injury and try and work through it, but it still hurts."

Despite the pain, Rogers says that he will be ready to go come game time. "By the time the season comes back I will be right back out there, but I am still going to wear a brace or something just to protect it," he notes.

The cornerback, who decided to bypass the NFL draft to return for his senior season, says that the injury took place under simple circumstances. "I was just doing some drills and I slipped and my knee buckled and went in," Rogers explains. "It hurt when I did it. Yeah, I thought it was like an ACL or something--I was scared."

Rogers is a preseason All-SEC pick.

Along with being scared at the time it happened, Rogers also notes that he was frustrated at first about missing the extra practice time.

"Yeah it has been frustrating because I want to go ahead and heal, but my coach told me we have still got three weeks before we play so just take your time," Rogers explains. "Plus, with David (Irons) getting hurt, I don't need to go out there and try and re-injure this."

As for how Irons' injury will effect the situation at cornerback, the senior says there is only one thing he and his teammates can do. "He just got hurt and we have got to move on," Rogers says about Irons. "I don't feel that much more pressure because we have got Kevin Hobbs that we have moved back over to corner. He's doing a good job."

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