Peach State Defensive End Has Two Leaders

This talented football prospect from the state of Georgia names two leaders and his top five college choices.

Barnesville, Ga.--Clifford Respress is a big defensive end, who was a standout out at an Auburn football camp this summer. The six-foot-four, 240-pound lineman, who is still holding three scholarship offers, says that he has a top five and two leaders.

"The three offers that I have are still from Duke, Vanderbilt and Auburn, Respress notes. "Those are still the top three and you can add South Carolina and Georgia Tech to the top five."

Previously, Respress had Auburn listed as his only leader, but now the big lineman says there are a pair of colleges at the top of his list. "They are up there with number one," Respress says about the Tigers. "Yeah, they are up there with Duke."

The senior notes that there are some particular qualities that put the Blue Devils and Tigers at the top of his list. "Auburn, they have got a great football program," Respress explains. "They have already got stuff started and going--it is just something that when you walk in there you are ready to play. And when you get ready to play you know you have a good tradition. Duke has a great atmosphere campus-wise. They have a great educational program and they do a lot for their players."

Clifford Respress was a standout at Auburn's one-day football camp this summer.

Despite having two strong leaders, Respress says that he is going to wait until he takes all of his official visits before he makes a decision. "I am going to those three (who have offered) and I'll probably go to South Carolina," he explains.

"Then, I'll try and go somewhere like Hawaii or somewhere way away so I can go on vacation," Respress says laughingly. "I wouldn't do that, I was just kidding. I have got to go somewhere else though, so I'll probably take one to UAB."

Respress also notes he is planning on getting out to see some big college games this season. "I am planning to go to Auburn versus LSU, I am trying to get to that game at home," he says. "I am going to Auburn versus Georgia. And I am going to see one of Georgia Tech's games against Duke."

With the high school season under way, the Lamar County Comprehensive High standout says that despite a tough opening game he is ready for next Friday. "We lost our opener to our rival Mary Persons, but we have got a good chance to win this week," he notes. "Our coach has got a good game plan for us. We play Pike County.

"I played pretty well," Respress adds about his performance in his first game of the season. "They ran the ball at me four or five times, but I had about seven or eight tackles though. I had to play a little offensive tackle, too."

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