No Quarterback Controversy, Borges Says

Coach Al Borges talks about the decision to play redshirt freshman Brandon Cox this season in addition to starter Jason Campbell.

Auburn, Ala.--Earlier in the day on Tuesday, Coach Tommy Tuberville announced a plan to play both starting quarterback Jason Campbell and back-up Brandon Cox for the Auburn Tigers in this weekend's game and every game this season.

While he noted that Campbell is the clearn number one quarterback, offensive coordinator and quarterback coach Al Borges said there is an easy reason why he wants to get Cox into as many games as possible this season.

"Originally, I wasn't a fan of that," Borges said of playing two quarterbacks. "I haven't done that much unless there was a competition for the position, but this kid has proven that he deserves some game time. We have found that when he gets in scrimmages there is very little drop off, if any at times. I have no reservations about putting Brandon Cox into the football game and in most instances I would not say that.

"I want to talk to him about it, but theoretically I would like to go the third or fourth series and stick him in the game. I don't know, we're going to see. Sometimes in games situations you end up calling off the jam, like they say in roller derby."

Brandon Cox is expected to make his collegiate debut on Saturday.

Although the talk could start a quarterback controversy, Borges said that it's not a problem with this team because both players know where they stand on the pecking order.

"It can be as much of a controversy as it wants out there as long as we're on the same page," Borges said. "And we are. I don't care. The good news when you have a controversy is that you have two. Most people don't have one. If you have a guy that everybody says should be playing, then it's probably because the second team quarterback is pretty darn good.

Jason Campbell is shown in action at the 2004 spring football game.

"Jason is our quarterback," Borges added. "When push comes to shove Jason is going to be our quarterback. The thing about it is that he's (Cox) is good enough to be in there and a lot of guys aren't. We have to get him some game experience. I have never been for playing a kid to get him experience, but this kid has played well enough where he deserves some time in there."

A veteran of quarterback battles in both his freshman and sophomore seasons, Campbell is adept at handling that type of situation. Borges said that although he doesn't consider this anything more than getting some experience for Cox, he explained things to Campbell just to make sure he wasn't left wondering what was going on.

"I have talked to him about," Borges said. "I have run it by him and he had no problem with any of it. Again, Tub and I have to decide when to do it and who's going to be in there when he's in there. We're not keeping any secrets. No blind sides. He (Campbell) understands."

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