Interest Picking up for Strong La. Lineman

New Orleans, La.--<b>Seth Adams</b> has almost perfect size for a Division I defensive lineman at 6-2, 290-pounds. However, the Saint Augustine High senior has just started his second year of football ever and is a bit behind more experienced players in learning the game.

With that lack of experience, Seth Adams notes that coaches are being a little more cautious about extending him an official scholarship offer. "I haven't really gotten any offers, the coaches have told my head coach that they are looking to offer me, but there hasn't been anything like we are looking to offer you this," Adams explains. "It is not like that, they have told me that they want to offer me."

The big lineman adds that he has been getting some phone calls from coaches over the past week. " Louisiana Layfette, Michigan State and The University of Memphis--those are the only schools that I have heard form this week," Adam says. "They called me."

Even with some catching up to do in the experience department, Adams says that he believes he is making progress right direction. "I have learned a lot," he says. "I am hearing good things from my coach, telling me I am doing well on the field now. I mean, all I can do is get better. I am getting better. I am reading a lot faster and everything like that."

Still, despite a lack of offers Adams is still receiving a lot of attention from colleges across the country and he says that Auburn, Florida State, Michigan State, Louisiana Layfette and Florida A&M have peaked his interest and that he would really consider attending any one of those schools.

Out of the five, Adams says that the one college is showing him the most interest. "Auburn has shown me the most interest," he notes. "They have been looking into me, sending me the most mail and I really do like that."

However, right now Adams says he is going to look at each choice with a very open mind. "No, they are all the same because the mindset I have right now is that as long as I go to college and I am at a good school and I get my education that is it right now," the senior explains. "No school has taken the cake and just run with it."

The big lineman adds that there are a couple of key qualities he is looking for in the college he will finally decide to attend. "Does it have nice facilities, and it also has to have a high graduate level in my major," which Adams says will be business management or computer science.

Adams and his Saint Augustine High teammates got their season off to a good start last Friday. "We won our first game last Friday 22-2 and we played good as a whole," he says of the defense. "We made a couple of mistakes, but they weren't really mistakes that could have cost us the game."

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