Campbell Wins High Praise From Borges

Offensive coordinator Al Borges comments on Auburn's performance in Starkville.

Starkville, Miss.—Offensive coordinator Al Borges says that the Tigers' 43-14 victory over Mississippi State held a lot of positives and a few negatives, but the biggest thing that stood out to him was the play of his senior signal caller.

"It is amazing how many times he got us out of something bad and got us into something good, or picked the right play based on what I gave him on the sideline," Borges explains about Jason Campbell. "When I gave him a couple of plays, he picked the right play. He is largely responsible for that running game and getting us into good situations.

"I don't think unless you are a real connoisseur of football you appreciate him a lot of times," Borges adds. "The fact is that kid, because of his experience, gets under center and knows where the defense is soft and has the ability to get you into some good plays running and passing. He really did a nice job of managing the offense."

Borges also notes that the balance between Carnell Williams and Ronnie Brown is exactly how he wants to use the dynamic duo for the rest of the season. "I haven't seen the numbers, but I imagine they are pretty balanced," he says about their yardage totals. "That is what you like. You have got two talented guys you have got to use them."

Another big positive the offensive coordinator took away from the win was the improvement he says he saw from the first game of the season. "Yeah, I think we did," Borges says about making offensive strides following the opener. "We knew we were going to get better from one to two. The first game I thought we played solid, but not as good as we could play.

"But, I tell you one thing I did see," Borges continued. "I saw how the mentality changes in an SEC game. They were very serious about this football game from the beginning and they showed up."

Despite all of the positives, the coach says that his receivers have got to get better about hanging onto the ball. "Yeah, we have just got to do a better job of making the routine play consistently," Borges explains. "There are some plays in there we have got to make. We didn't make them and it wasn't the same guy all the time. We have just got to make sure that--because in other games where it is not so lopsided they are going to make a difference."

He also says that even though the Tigers used a more diverse game plan than in week one, his team still has some plays lying in wait. "We took a significant jump from game one to game two in terms of percentage," Borges explains. "I don't know specifically, but we used a lot of movement today. We used a lot of misdirection, but it was different and it is going to be different a little more next week. We had some plays we left on the sheet. But, that is always good. I like that."

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